Campus Life Photo Tour

lily pond

   About half of SUA’s students come from the US and half from over 45 other countries.


   Every SUA student receives a laptop computer when they enter – it’s included in tuition.  Because everyone has the same equipment, it’s easy for students who are familiar with technology to assist those   from other backgrounds who may not be.


Every year SUA students create their own Student Festival to share their talents, discuss their dreams and goals, and enjoy getting to know each other better.


  Break dancing anyone?  Hip Hop? Salsa?  Dances from India?  Hawaii? SUA students have formed over 35 clubs (including dance, sports, environmental, service and career focus).  SUA problem solving:  If you don’t see the club you’re looking for – start it!

spring break

  Would you like to help change lives?  Take part in Soka University’s Alternative Spring Break!


  Every undergraduate student at SUA gets to Study Abroad for a semester during the junior year – it’s included in tuition and required for graduation.

res hall

  SUA’s Residence Halls offer double rooms with their own bath or two single rooms sharing a bath.  Every student gets a cherry wood twin bed, desk, armoire and bookcase – you take it from there!


  There’s lots to do at SUA, but there’s also plenty of room for quiet time and study.  Find your own special place.  Our library offers over 80,000 volumes, 48,000 electronic books, 300 print periodicals, 18,500 electronic periodicals and 70 databases to help you with your research.


  SUA is a member of NAIA and competes in men’s and women’s swimming, track and field, cross country and soccer.  We recently congratulated our first All Americans in track and swimming.


  One of the advantages of a small college is that you can try out new sports and discover new talents.


  Rather just play for fun?  SUA offers a full schedule of intra-murals and adventure days and weekends. (Skiing? Snowboarding? Surfing? Hiking? Camping? Kayaking anyone?)


  Interested in dance classes, yoga, weight training, Pilates or working with a personal trainer?  Just sign up.

two girls

  One of the best things about Soka University is the strong friendships students forge.  When you graduate from SUA you’ll have friends in up to 40 countries!

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  Come  visit us and experience SUA for yourself.  Send your friends a postcard!