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David Laumann

David Laumann

Class: 2009

Hometown: Freiburg, Germany

Class of: 2009

Hometown: Freiburg, Germany

Concentration: Humanities

Extracurricular Activities: President of the Chinese Club, Squash Club, Resident Advisor, Student Orientation Leader, and previously swim team, soccer and track

Just for Fun: Playing sports, hanging out with friends, going to the beach

Favorite Places: Salt Creek Beach, Laguna Beach

"Everyone embraces the multicultural aspect of the school. For example, if a new freshman comes from a country that hasn't been represented yet on campus, everyone wants to get to know that person."
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About David Laumann

My Study Abroad

“I went abroad in the spring to Beijing; it was one of the most challenging study abroad programs. Wherever you study, how comfortable you are in the location depends on your relationship with people around you. I enjoyed China because I made such good friendships. There is a characteristic in the Chinese people – a sincerity and open-heartedness – that made it really meaningful to form those relationships.”

A Holistic Education

“Having concentrations instead of a specific major gives you more of a holistic education. For example, my concentration is Humanities, focusing on Asian Literature, but I also took a lot of psychology and anthropology classes.”

A Challenge for the Mind

“I had good relationships with quite a few teachers because of the small classes, with no more than 20 people in each. You’re not a number here…the professor gets to know you as an individual.  The workload is quite high, with all the extracurricular activities outside of school. You certainly have to maintain your work every day to keep up. It is a good challenge for the mind.”

Proposed by Students

“A Learning Cluster is a one-month class that is not offered in the curriculum – it is proposed by students. Some Learning Clusters have actually traveled, visiting Beijing, Korea, Columbia, Guatemala and India. My learning clusters were Interpreting and Translation, and Los Angeles Architecture. In the filmmaking clusters, they make a movie for their final project.”

A World of Friends

“At the end of your Soka career, you have so many friends from different cultures, you always have a place to stay when you travel. The bonds remain strong even when you are out of Soka because the experience is so intense.”