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Gonzalo Obelleiro

Gonzalo Obelleiro

Class: 2005

Hometown: Buenos Aires, Argentina

Class of: 2005

Hometown: Buenos Aires, Argentina

Status: Pursuing a Ph.D. in Philosophy at Columbia University

"My Soka education made a powerful impact on my character, and remains the foundation and inspiration of my doctoral research and professional work at Columbia."
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About Gonzalo Obelleiro

Soka Prepared Me for Grad School

“The kind of preparation I received at Soka is ideal for graduate studies. The SUA curriculum emphasizes critical and creative thinking, and it offers many opportunities to do rigorous, advanced academic work.”

Independent Thinking

“At Soka there is a very mature attitude towards knowledge – it isn't about just accumulation of information; it is learning to find meaning in life, to understand the world and become an independent thinker. That allowed me to hit the ground running when I got to graduate school, and has helped me tremendously in my professional life as well.”

Becoming a True Global Citizen

“Once I began interacting with people from all over the world at Soka, I had the chance to practice the habits of a global citizen …being open, always ready to revisit assumptions and look at things from a different point of view. When you engage with cultural differences on a daily basis, you have a reason to internalize those habits. That is a very useful, concrete and powerful educational experience.”

Establishing Lifelong Friendships

“I would say that all of my best friends now are fellow Soka students. I changed so much at Soka those four years that the connection I feel with them is particularly strong. I also have a close relationship with my philosophy teacher, who inspired my passion for that discipline and encouraged me on my path.”

A Culture of Humanism

“I am studying philosophy of education. At Soka, I realized that any genuine change that we can make in the global community towards establishing lasting peace or ensuring human rights for all must come from a culture of humanism. It is towards that goal that, as philosopher and future educator, I would like to direct my career and, in general, my life.”