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Nozomi Inukai

Nozomi Inukai

Class: 2011

Hometown: Osaka, Japan

Class of: 2011

Hometown: Osaka, Japan

Concentration: Social and Behavioral Sciences

Awards: Soka Merit Award

Extracurricular Activities: Chair, Exhibition Committee, Soka Education Student Research Committee; Advisor, Student Project Committee, International Festival; violin

Just for Fun: Talking to friends, watching comedies, baking, playing music and eating!

Favorite Places: I like to go for Thai food or Korean food, but I am too busy to do much off campus!

"I feel I can contribute to the world by introducing the philosophy of Soka. I have not yet decided how, I have so many dreams and plans, but I am on the path."
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About Nozomi Inukai

Expanding My Leadership Skills

“The Soka Education Student Research Project is currently putting on a huge exhibition project.  I have gained so many skills doing this…leading people, organizing meetings, thinking critically about content, and communicating with teams. As a chair, I have to inspire others to be passionate and take more responsibility and initiative. It is the biggest project I have ever been involved with.”

Learning and Teaching English

“Last year, I was in the Bridge Program to improve my English over the summer. This year, I was on the other side, teaching English to help those who came after me. I learned just as much teaching English as I did learning English, but different things.”

The Classroom Is Alive

“I am studying Chinese language and I really appreciate the professor. She is very expressive and warm, always cheerful. She keeps the classroom alive by teaching us poems and songs, and sharing her cultural heritage.”

Being a Global Citizen

“Wisdom, courage and compassion…those are the elements of being a global citizen, according to Soka’s founder. It doesn’t necessarily mean working internationally, but working towards peace wherever you are.”

Culture Shock

“I experienced a lot of culture shock when I came…I didn’t know American culture. Now I feel really comfortable because it is such a small campus, you get to know a lot of people. I have close friends, and we share our lives. The upperclassmen here are so supportive and I get so much wisdom from them.”

I Love To Eat!

“Good food keeps me mentally healthy as well as physically healthy because I enjoy it so much. We are really lucky to have Kiyoko-san in the cafeteria because she makes such wonderful food and she is like a mother to all of the students.”