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Ya-chien Chang

Ya-chien Chang

Year: 2018

Hometown: Hsinchu, Taiwan

Class of: 2018

Hometown: Hsinchu,Taiwan

Concentration: Social and Behavioral Sciences

Extracurricular Activities & Leadership Experience: President of Class of 2018 (Fall, 2016), Treasurer of Josho Daiko Club, Soka Festival Promotion Committee, Orchestra Club Member

Just for Fun: Playing sports, Hanging out with friends, Reading, and Watching Movies

Favorite Places: Town Center, Movie Theatre, and Salt Creek Beach

"I would not be who I am now if I did not come to this wonderful place. I will not forget the extremely nice support of my upperclassmen when I just got here. I will try my best to challenge myself and push through my limits as much as I can during my stay in SUA. "
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About Ya-chien Chang

My transformation

“I was so shy and was not very confident of myself when I first got here. I always doubted myself. But as I get to know and interact with more people, I realized that actually the people who I think are ‘perfect’ or ‘better’ than me, might also think unworthily of themselves in some areas. Everyone has some areas that are not assertive of. Now I will not think so negatively but just embrace who I am.”

Developing my critical thinking

“In the past, I just followed what people told me to do. And if I did not know what to do, I will just, most likely, ask people to give me the answer. Now, after taking classes in the university, I develop my own critical thinking skills. So, even though I will still ask for other opinions, but I will not just follow without even understanding. I will think about the opinions of others and those of my own, and come up with the solutions." 

Creating Strong Bonds with my fellow friends

“I have made genuine friendships in this school. We truly care for each other. Even though we are from different countries, it does not act as a barrier for us to not know each other. When someone who is struggling with their own problems, there will always be someone who care about them. We do not treat people differently but see them as who they are and respect each other.”

Idea of peace education

“Our founder, Daisaku Ikeda, built this school with the vision of fostering a steady stream of global citizens committed to living a contributive life. He believes that the way to world peace is through education and teach the young generation not to have bias and treat everyone the same. He also promote dialogue among countries instead just using violence like creating war. Understanding each other well will reduce the likelihood of tension.

A unique school

“This school is a really nice school. It gives everyone an opportunity to access education. It provides the students whose family's annual income is lower than $60,000 with some kind of financial aid. Also, it allows us to have a chance to go to another country for study aboard during our junior year as they want us to be global citizens. ”