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Tatsuya Aoyama

Tatsuya Aoyama

Year: 2018

Hometown: Tokyo, Japan

Class of: 2018

Hometown: Tokyo, Japan

Concentration: Social and Behavioral Sciences

Extracurricular Activities: Tour guide, baseball club officer, Summer RA

Just for Fun: swimming, running, sleeping, eating, studying language, taking photos, listening to music, and singing!

Favorite Places:

About Tatsuya Aoyama


Soka University of America is the most beautiful hell in the world. As soon as my first undergraduate course Core I started in August 2014, I experienced an extreme hardship that was totally beyond my imagination. I could not understand assigned readings, participate in class discussions, or write a university-level essay. My undergraduate life started with a deep despair.

Self Transformation

However, experiencing hardest struggles in my life, I was able to expand my capacity and change the way I understand what "learning" is. I became more process-oriented from outcome-oriented because I noticed that there were so many things that I learned even though my grade was not as high as what I wanted. This beautiful hell enabled me to look at not just superficial aspects such as outcomes, but more at essencial qualities such as process and value that comes along with it. Since then, I have been able to challenge my capacity every semester. I can proudly say that every semester was the hardest semester for me at that time.

Beautiful Campus

Every time I get stuck with my assignments and stuffs, this beautiful campus really refreshes me. Green in front of the library, hammocks next to the dorms, and the peace fountain - SUA has so many beautiful places that I can just lie down and enjoy the nature. Working as a tour guide also reminds me of how beautiful and awesome thins campus is.