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Anthony Inder Mazeroll, PhD

Professor of Biology

Phone: 949-480-4056

Fax: 949-480-4263


Faculty - Full-Time


  • Ph.D., Northern Arizona University
  • M.S., Northwestern State University of Louisiana
  • B.A., University of California, Santa Barbara.
  • A.S., Imperial Valley College

Positions Held

  • At SUA since 2001
  • 2000 - 2001, Academic Coordinator, University of CA, Irvine
  • 1992 - 2000, Assist/Associate Professor of Biology, West Texas A&M University
  • 1991 - 1992, Assistant Prof. of Biology, Eastern New Mexico University

Research Interests

  • Behavioral Ecology of Fishes
  • Impacts of Human Activities on the Environment
  • Population Genetis of Amazonian Fishes

Selected Papers, Publications, Presentations, & Exhibits

  • "Daily migrations of a coral reef fish in the Red Sea (Gulf of Aqaba): initiation and orientation," Copeia, 1998
  • "Does mass spawning enhance fertilization in coral reef fish? A case study of the brown surgeonfish," Ecology Progress Series, 1998
  • "Structure and organization of local migrations in the brown surgeonfish (Acanthurus nigrofuscus)," Ethology, 1995
  • Animal Biology Laboratory Manual, Kendall/Hunt Publishing Co., 1992
  • "Density- and size-dependent spacing of ant nests: evidence for intraspecific competition," Oecologia, 1988

Courses Taught at SUA

  • Animal Behavior - Topics Course
  • Core 2
  • Ecology - Topics Course
  • Environmental Science
  • General Biology
  • Marine Biology
  • Modes of Inquiry
  • Learning Cluster: Human Impacts  
  • Learning Cluster: Solar Energy
  • Learning Cluster: Sustainable Development of the Peruvian Amazon

Selected Honors & Awards

  • Fulbright Research Fellowship to Jordan, 1999
  • West Texas A&M President's Research Excellence Award,1999
  • West Texas A&M President's Teaching Excellence Award, 1998
  • Phi Beta Delta, Honor Society for International Scholars, 1994

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