Professor Kristi M. Wilson

Narrative Biography

Kristi M. Wilson received her Ph.D. from the University of California, San Diego in 1999 in Comparative Literature and has since then authored many publications among them Italian Neorealism and Global Cinema (co-edited by Laura E. Ruberto, Wayne State University Press, 2007), an Introduction to The Satyricon of Petronius (Barnes and Nobles, 2006) and several articles and reviews for academic journals such as Screen, the Yearbook of Comparative and General Literature, Signs, Literature/Film Quarterly, and others.

Shortly after earning her Ph.D., Wilson was the recipient of a UC Berkeley Summer Research Institute Fellowship and a UC Irvine, Humanities Research Institute Postdoctoral Fellowship.  She the went to Stanford as a Postdoctoral Fellow in the Humanities in the Humanities Program in 2000 where she taught several interdisciplinary humanities courses.  She joined the Stanford Program in Writing and Rhetoric faculty in 2004 where she taught until coming to SUA in 2008. 

Her teaching and research interests include classics (Greek tragedy, comedy, oratory, satire, epic poetry), gender studies, philosophy, literature, theater, and film studies. While at SFSU, she wrote and directed a musical adaptation of Euripides' little know tragedy The Phoenician Women called Tanguedia.  Lyrics for the songs were set to "golden age" tango classics and the play was set in 1930s Buenos Aires. The musical was performed in two different productions at SF State University and in the Castro district of San Francisco. 

At Stanford she founded and directed the Stanford Film Lab, a student-based group that supports the development of links between visual, oral and written rhetoric in the form of documentary film.  Wilson was also a founding member of the Bay Area documentary film collective Cine Campesino, which produced two short documentary, films about rural communities in Honduras and created an international Latin American film festival.  Some of her film and television work has appeared on the syndicated television show Latin Eyes.