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Ippei Shibata "Originally I felt it was a disadvantage to have a liberal arts degree entering into economics, but now I feel like I have a broader perspective because I had to study so many different kinds of things." More
Ippei Shibata
Class of 2007

Professor Mary Iribarren

Narrative Biography

Professor Iribarren, a Basque-American scholar, has extensively studied the relationships between Basque and Castillian Spanish. On this subject, she has published the book Navarra y las palabras en -RR-, and more than a half a dozen articles on the inter-influences between Basque and the Romance languages. Her scholarly theory about the origin of Spanish -VrrV suffixes has been accepted by the Diccionario etimológico de los sufjos españoles (Pharies 2002. Ed. Gredos). Recently, her book Fonética y Fonología Española has been published on the series 'Letras Universitarias' of Editorial Síntesis (Madrid, 2005). In cooperation with the Seminario de las Tres Culturas of the University of Seville, she is currently conducting research on what it has been coined as "interculturality".

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