Sustainability Across the Curriculum

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At Soka University of America, students and faculty are constantly exploring one of humankind’s greatest challenges: how to achieve a resilient, peaceful, and just world for all without sacrificing the needs of future generations. The interdisciplinary courses taught across the liberal arts curriculum prepare students to deeply analyze the relationship between social, economic, and environmental issues through a variety of approaches. All concentrations offered at Soka - the Humanities, Social and Behavioral Sciences, International Relations, and Environmental Studies and the new Life Sciences concentration that will open in Fall 2020 - infuse sustainability theory and practice into coursework. Faculty and student research is diverse and cover topics such as: environmental law, music ecology, conservation biology, environmental economics, peace and conflict in the Middle East, and sustainable housing in Argentina, among other topics.

The faculty and students are dedicated to dialogue and outreach that connects their research and campus experience to the world at large. Soka embodies a “living-learning” environment that directly addresses issues of sustainability through research seminars, lab-work, and practical application of information such as Learning Clusters. These ventures are conducive to cultivating a generation of creative and contributive citizens that are prepared to address global concerns sustainably no matter where their lives may lead.

The Environmental Studies Concentration offers course clusters that directly pertain to sustainability such as: environmental management and policy, ecology, earth and ocean sciences, and geography.

A copy of the course inventory is available here