Eco-Wing Themed Housing


Eco-Wing Themed Housing Community

Eco-Wing is a themed community in one of SUA’s residence halls that provides a physical and social space in which Soka students concerned about environmental issues can live and grow together. Eco-Wing was founded in 2012 by a group of SUA students interested in transforming the SUA residential halls to be more sustainable and community-oriented.  Residents experiment with conservation methods and spreading awareness to other members of the community. Eco-Wing residents are dedicated to continually learning about environmental movements and issues while engaging with the surrounding student body to raise awareness about the environment at the international, national, and local level. Eco-Wing is a unique, vibrant community that allows residents to complement their education with opportunities to practice skills; gain experience; deepen factual knowledge; inspire their peers; and strengthen relationships with fellow students, faculty, and staff.

The goals of Eco-Wing are:

  • To create a specific living/learning community dedicated to the pursuit of environmental awareness and protection
  • To promote the sharing of resources and skills regarding environmental trends and issues
  • To encourage environmental consciousness within the student body
  • To transform the residential halls to be more sustainable and environmentally friendly in the future

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