Food Services

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Soka University provides a high quality dining service, which includes a commitment to sustainability. The University's main food provider, Bon Appetit, is a pioneer in environmentally sound sourcing policies and sustainability initiatives. Soka's dining facility constantly strives to reduce its environmental impact through various measures including local and earth-friendly options when possible, a food waste diversion program, a Tupperware service, and several educational and outreach initiatives. The Soka Bistro hosts various events throughout the year to support healthy and sustainable food habits, such as our annual Eat Local Challenge and Low Carbon Diet Day.  Additionally, the Bistro proudly partners with students from the Soka Instructional Garden to offer fresh and organic produce grown directly on campus.

Sustainability Initiatives at the Soka Bistro:

Farm to Fork

At least 20 percent of ingredients come from small-scale farms and ranches within a 150-mile radius of Soka University.

Seafood Watch Program

Offer 100 percent Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch program “Best Choice” or “Good Alternative” seafood.

Organic and Rainforest Alliance Coffee

Brew locally roasted Groundworks Coffee, with options that are organic and Rainforest Alliance Certified.

Hormone-Free, Cage-Free, and rGBH-Free

Serve only 100 percent cage-free shell eggs, rGBH-free milk, and hormone-free chicken.

Plant-Based Options

We incorporate vegan and/or vegetarian options for each meal and recognize that plant-based diets are significantly better for the environment.

Waste Diversion Program

100 percent of our compostable food waste is sent to certified organic farms to be turned into compost for food production.

Minimal Tray Usage

Encourage minimal tray usage and gradually shifting toward tray-less dining to reduce water usage and food waste.

Reusable Tupperware Program

The student-initiated Tupperware Program enables students to purchase a reusable Tupperware for the duration of their time at Soka, instead of using throw-away “to go” boxes.

Collaboration with Soka Instructional Garden

Collaborate with student workers from the Soka Instructional Garden to provide local, organic, seasonal, and freshly picked produce from the school garden. In the past, the Soka Instructional Garden partnered with the Bistro to host fermentation workshops for students that featured solely garden produce.

Eat Local Challenge & Low Carbon Diet Day

Each year Bon Appetit hosts the Eat Local Challenge which highlights regionally authentic meals made entirely from hand-picked local produce.  Low Carbon Diet Day is an educational campaign on or near Earth Day to inform Soka students of food’s impact on climate change.