Soka Instructional Garden (SIG)


The Soka Instructional Garden (SIG) is a facility of the Environmental Studies Concentration that supports academic programs through instruction in composting and gardening. The SIG serves as a venue to learn and practice these skills in an environmentally friendly, healthy and safe manner. The garden is managed by a garden manager and student workers, assisted by Soka's landscaping staff. Students meet weekly in the garden to compost and harvest crops. The SIG works with Bon Appetit, Soka’s cafeteria service, to give students the opportunity to taste fresh, local, and organic produce grown and harvested by students, and is a space for students to directly learn about and engage in the path of produce from farm to fork. The SIG emphasizes and practices organic agriculture. The Environmental Studies concentration offers courses which utilize the SIG for hands-on learning: EOS 280 Sustainable Agriculture and Gardening, and ECOL 211 Sustainable Aquaculture. 

For current Soka students interested in becoming a member of the community gardening program, please read and sign the SIG Safety Guidelines and Terms of Use on Brightspace (click here to go directly to the page).