Campus Sustainability Committee

In 2010, the Campus Sustainability Committee was created as a means for all areas of the campus community to engage in dialogue regarding campus sustainability. This committee helps provide a centralized forum by which students, faculty, and staff can examine how to continue improving and fulfilling the university principle of fostering leaders for the creative coexistence of nature and humanity. 
The Campus Sustainability Committee Consists of:

Arch  : Chair of the Campus Sustainability Committee, VP of Finance & Administration 

Chintan Amin: Director of Environmental Health and Safety

Scott Collins: Operations Manager, Facility Service Partners

Jaime Dance: Residence Hall Coordinator - Eco Wing

Brian Durick: Director of Student Services

Tom Harkenrider: Chief of Operations

Robert Hamersley: Associate Professor of Microbiology

Kamal Hrouch: General Manager, Bon Appetit

Lisa Kawai: Assistant to the VP of Finance & Administration

Craig Lee: Director of Campus Security

Danny McNamara: President, Sequoia Environmental Services, Inc.

Michelle Hobby-Mears: Director of Student Activities and Residential Life

Katherine King: Vice President for Human Resources and Risk Management

John Min: Director of Information Technology 

Hyon Moon: Dean of Students

Mal Thomas: Managing Partner, Facility Service Partners

Lauren Ng: Student Sustainability Educator

Zoe Frye: Student Sustainability Educator

Samikchhya Bhusal: Student Campus Sustainability Coordinator

Current Sustainability Committee Student Chairs

Chloe Simson

Katherine Bennett

Shelby Kohn

Achievements of the Sustainability Committee

  • California Native Plant Garden
  • Turf conversion and increase in drought-tolerant and native plants used in landscaping
  • Soka Instructional Garden (SIG)
  • Implementation of Waste Diversion Program
  • Transition to Integrated Pest Management
  • Improved Recycling Program
  • Addition of electric hand dryers to replace paper towel usage
  • Water Bottle Filling Stations in the Library
  • Conversion from gas to electric operated facilities and landscaping equipment
  • STARS Silver Rating