Student Groups


Soka students have been on the forefront to improve the university’s sustainability efforts. With the support of the Campus Sustainability Committee, students have the opportunity to become environmental stewards of their campus. From researching about the university's sustainability initiatives to organizing sustainability-related events, students have the opportunity to engage in a variety of groups and activities that encourage a sustainable lifestyle, thriving campus, and healthy community. 

Student groups focused on sustainability include:

SSU Sustainability Committee

The Sustainability Committee of the Soka Student Union facilitates research, recommends policies, and implements sustainability initiatives, outreach, and education.  The three student chairs of the committee work closely with their peers and the Campus Sustainability Committee to affect institutional change. 

EcoWing Housing

EcoWing is a themed community in one of Soka’s residence halls that provides a physical and social space in which Soka students concerned about environmental issues can live and grow together. EcoWing was founded in 2012 by a group of Soka students interested in transforming the Soka residential halls to be more sustainable and community-oriented. 

Soka Instructional Garden (SIG)

The Soka Instructional Garden (SIG) is a facility of the Environmental Studies Concentration that supports academic programs through instruction in composting and gardening. The SIG serves as a venue to learn and practice these skills in an environmentally-friendly, healthy and safe manner. Students meet weekly in the garden to practice organic gardening, harvest crops, and compost.

Soka Climate Reality Corps Chapter

Soka's Climate Reality Corps Chapter was established in 2018 to spread awareness of the wide-ranging effects of climate change and to enact climate-friendly action within the SUA community and beyond. With the help of The Climate Reality Project, the parent organization of the chapter, Soka's Climate Reality Corps Chapter hosts frequent events for the SUA community, contributing to Soka's mission statement to strive for global citizenship. The Chapter functions as a limb of the campus-wide Sustainability Coalition to advocate for specific campaigns designed to make Soka a leader in sustainability. 

Alternative Spring Break (ASB)

ASB is a service learning program intended to promote lifelong active global citizenship. With its green focus, ASB is a full immersion one week Spring Break trip to diverse environments around the United States. Students experience, discuss, and engage social and environmental issues and participate in community-based projects. Past groups have done the following:

  • Houston, Texas, 2018; Disaster Relief Project
  • Buffalo, South Dakota, 2017; Habitat for Humanity project
  • Washington, D.C., 2016
  • Brooklyn, NY, 2015; Long-term disaster relief through urban park clean up and sustainability project.
  • Washington, D.C., 2014; Long-term Hurricane Sandy relief through National Monument and Parks clean up project.
  • Detroit, MI, 2013; Homeless aid program - Supporting a "green gym" initiated by Cass Community Social Services and assisting the homeless with job hunting through tire and paper upcycling projects.
  • Harlem, NY, 2012; Community park sustainability project.
  • Braddock, PA, 2011; Community gardening sustainability project.
  • California Coast, CA, 2010; Sustainability Work at the Volunteer Center in Bakersfield, Build House community housing project in Berkeley, and Bolinas Lagoon Preserve in Stinson Beach.
  • Galveston, TX, 2009; Hurricane Ike disaster relief.
  • Chinle, AZ, 2008; Navajo nation community revitalization through reservation landscaping and building water reservoirs.