Communication and Inquiry

In keeping with the mission of the school to prepare future leaders, communication, particularly written communication, is highly valued at SUA. The goals of the University Writing Program are thus a reflection of this mission. The Program strives to give students an understanding of the principles of effective communication in written and oral English that will allow them to excel as writers and speakers. It strives to instill in students an appreciation for accuracy and precision in language and a devotion to life-long learning in written and oral communication. It also strives to help students develop their capacity to reflect on events and information and to reason critically and  objectively. Finally, the Program strives to develop in students a commitment to the ethical use of language under all circumstances.

Related to the courses on communication skills is a course on modes of inquiry, which helps students approach the rest of the curriculum with a critical sense of the varying ways that knowledge and understanding are conceived and used by different disciplines. When investigating problems and articulating insights, students are able to choose among and combine different modes of inquiry.

They are able to understand the assumptions and limitations that underlie the various ways of inquiring used within disciplines, see that certain problems require using certain modes of inquiry, see that intellectual problems often require the use of many modes of inquiry, and see the delineation and commonalties among them.