Core Curriculum

A two-course sequence, Core explores a range of issues related to the mission statement of the school, including its commitment to such values as peace, human rights, and the creative coexistence of nature and humanity. Core also provides an introduction to the various ways of knowing that characterize the major divisions of the undergraduate curriculum, thereby laying the foundation for the interdisciplinary and cross-cultural study that underlies a Soka education. In this exploration, Core courses stress an understanding of the social and historical contexts necessary to make meaningful comparisons among civilizations both of the East and the West.

Upon completing the Core, student learning outcomes are:

  1. To demonstrate knowledge of the commonalities and differences of the human experience from multiple (historical/cultural/disciplinary) perspectives

  2. To critically evaluate this knowledge in relation to their own lives

  3. To develop their ability to speak and write effectively about their evaluation of this knowledge

Building on a set of common readings, individual members of the faculty help shape the core through reading selections drawn from their special training, expertise, and interests.