Student Forms Center

Current students should access their portal account for forms that may not be listed here.

Name of Form

Reason to use this Form

Application for Readmission

If you have withdrawn and want to reapply.


To Add/Drop classes (after you have  officially registered)

Change of Address Form

To change your address. You can also do this yourself in PeopleSoft.

Change of Advisor Form

If you want to change your advisor.

Change of Name Form

If you want to change your name.

Change of Program Form

If you want to make changes to program requirements with administrative approval

Concentration Declaration Form

To declare your concentration.

Enrollment Verification Request Form

To request that an Enrollment verification.  For current students only.

FERPA Release of Information

To allow us to release non-directory information to a third party.

FERPA Request for Confidentiality

To prevent us from releasing directory and non-directory information to a third party.

Change of Grade Basis Form

If you wish to change the grade basis of a course (ie:Pass/No Pass grade basis).

Petition Form

If you want to petition Academic Policies.

Petition to Repeat Course

To obtain approval to repeat a course .

Registration Form

To officially register for classes.

Replacement Diploma

To order a replacement diploma for lost/destroyed original

Student Schedule Worksheet

To plot your class times on a daily schedule.

Transcript Request Form

To order an Official University Transcript.  You may also order your transcript online through National Student Clearinghouse.  Go to and pick Soka University of America in the drop down menu. Please note that there are additional Clearinghouse processing charges.

Withdrawal/LOA Form

If you want to withdraw or take a Leave of Absence from the University.

Short term Leave of Absence Form

If you want to take a Short Term Leave of Absence.