Creative Arts Program

SUA regards imagination and creativity as essential qualities for global leadership. The creative arts courses help students develop these qualities through individual and collaborative endeavors. As part of the creative arts courses, all students, along with their work in a specific section and medium, participate in a campus-wide Creative Arts Forum. This forum provides opportunities for discussions and presentations about the creative process, opportunities for collaboration across media, explorations of inter-disciplinary connections to the arts, interactions and dialogue with the broader campus community, and other common experiences that might include readings, performances, films, guest speakers, etc. These courses are open to all students, regardless of their background in the creative arts. The Creative Arts courses student learning outcomes are:

  1. Creative Artwork

    To demonstrate development and improvement of skills or craft in the artistic medium in which they work, including the understanding and appropriate use of materials and techniques, resulting in successful completion of their artistic end product

  2. Tools of Creativity

    To demonstrate development and improvement of internal skills that foster the creation of art, including expanded aesthetic appreciation, improved perceptual abilities (e.g., listening, seeing, comprehending), and flexible imagination

  3. General Creative Processes

    To demonstrate development and improvement of attitudes and abilities that support creative endeavor in general, such as openness to exploring new possibilities, lateral thinking/brainstorming and, in specific situations, the ability to work in teams across artistic disciplines

Introductory courses are offered in each medium and are open to all students, regardless of their level of background or experience.

Advanced level courses can satisfy the Creative Arts requirement for students who have sufficient background in a particular medium. Students may also take these or additional arts courses as electives.

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