Language & Culture Program

The mission of the Language and Culture Program (LCP) is to foster the development of the linguistic proficiency and cultural awareness required for well-educated global citizens.

The underlying goals of the LCP are to build communicative competence within a structured context; to strive for excellence in instruction through an eclectic yet integrated variety of pedagogical methods, and to instill a broad cultural awareness that can expand the disciplinary options open to students.

A key task of the LCP is to prepare students academically for their junior-year semester abroad. SUA requires all students to take a minimum of four LCP language courses, one of which must be at the 202-level or above in the target language of the study-abroad destination. Language study begins in the freshman year, ensuring prolonged and intensive engagement with the languages and cultures studied. Instruction is geared to active student participation.

300-level and 400-level LCP courses are designed for students returning from Study Abroad as well as those with sufficient background in the target language. These courses enable students to further develop their cultural understanding and linguistic proficiency, and are especially beneficial for students interested in employment that needs multilingual skills or graduate study.

Language & Culture Program student learning outcomes are:

  1. To have the linguistic proficiency to participate in the study abroad semester during their junior year

  2. To have the cultural awareness to adapt to their study abroad environment

  3. To further advance their linguistic proficiency and cultural awareness in any of the languages offered at Soka University of America