Soka University of America
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Soka University of Japan (SUJ)

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Program Provider:
SUA Administered Program

  • Spring Semester (Mar - Jul)
  • Fall Semester (Sep - Jan)

  • GPA - 2.5  (Level 5 or above in the SALT, an SUA sponsored language test)

Overview of SUJ
  • Students interested in applying to SUJ are required to take a Japanese language test (SALT) for eligibility.
  • Strong language acquisition environments and excellent teachers.
  • Students will be attending 3-4 hrs of class daily, studying grammar, conversation, kanji, reading and culture, focusing on language acquisition only. High advanced language students may be allowed to take university courses.
  • Part-time employment on campus available (Chi-chat-club, World-language center, English Forum).
  • The program includes field trips to Kansai and Hiroshima.

  • All students are required to live in dormitories located close to campus.  There are 2 female dormitories and one male dormitory. Female dorms are all single rooms and male dorms are double rooms.
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Soka University of Japan
SUJ International Affairs Office

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