Study Abroad Experiences

  • Lirica Nishimoto in Nanjing, China (Spring 2013)  "China was rough, but the roughness molded my experience into an adventure. Every time I had to communicate with a local person, it was a challenge. Going out to shop, using the subway, ordering food were all obstacles that I had never had to face in America."

  • Minami Hattori in Santiago, Chile (Spring 2012)  "My life abroad now had more language learning than ever before, accompanied by accidental adventures. Of course, I also had more pre-planned adventures like traveling every weekend throughout Chile and beyond during the second half of my stay. Through this entire experience, I can proudly declare that I love Chile. I will definitely return in the future and contribute back somehow to the Chilean people." 

  • Justin Sandoval in Kansai, Japan (Spring 2012)  "Living in Japan with a host family, while at the same time studying the language, has been an amazing experience. The experience has widened my perspective on the world, and has also broadened my own concepts of self and identity." 

  • Maiko Miura in Quito, Ecuador (Spring 2012)  "Quito is becoming another home of mine. Yes, I am Japanese, a tourist, an outsider, and a stranger here, but my goal is to be “me” and that is what I have been trying to do over the last three months. With that mindset, my Study Abroad experience has given me a great chance to discover more about myself while getting to know things outside myself."

  • Joshua Reagan in Nanjing, China (Fall 2011)  "In so many instances, I have been truly touched by the warm and helpful attitudes most Chinese people express to foreigners, especially the younger generation. Bypassing language barriers to forge deep, enduring friendships does more than just further your own education; this is also an opportunity to become a globalized citizen that carries on Soka’s mission of creating value."

  • Emma Thompson in Alcalá, Spain (Spring 2011)  "My time here has been absolutely incredible. To say that I have changed here would be a deep understatement because I have done more than just change. I have grown, I have healed, and I have found within myself strengths that I never knew I possessed."