Study Abroad Experiences

Erica Lim in Taipei, Taiwan
I believe that the two best decisions I have made in my life are coming to SUA and going to Taiwan for study abroad.

Nicholas Peck at Soka University Japan
I felt that painful loneliness when you are in a room full of native speakers and you don’t know what’s going on and no one bothers to slow down or explain it to you. As a result, I have learned the patience and compassion that comes with speaking with someone in their non-native tongue. I received nothing but sincerity and encouragement from the Japanese people I encountered.

Scott Bower in Lima, Peru
The most meaningful experience I had in Peru was when I volunteered at a girl’s shelter in the province of Cusco. As each day went by, I could sense that they started to open up to us because we all bonded over playing hours of volleyball. Our volunteer work consisted of doing English and building dignity workshops with both groups of girls. Although our stay was only a mere five days, I felt deep compassion and appreciation for them because they were so energetic and kind to us.

Luisa Madrid in Dakar, Senegal
I will always have a special place for Senegal and especially for my friends, professors, and family over there. As cliché as it may sound, study abroad changed my life forever. I was never in my comfort zone. I was always pushed and I am a stronger person because of it. My French is less than perfect, but I managed. Most people in Dakar speak Wolof, and I came into the country not knowing a single word of it, and now I can bargain for clothes in Wolof.