Information Technology

Soka University of America provides state-of-the-art computing for students, faculty and staff. The SUA, Aliso Viejo Campus was built with over 3,500 network connections across campus as well as wireless access from designated areas. The SUA network provides high speed access to the internet as well as high speed campus computing.

All students who attend SUA receive a networked laptop computer upon entering the college. (Student laptops provide students with the ability to do extensive research during their studies at SUA.) Upon graduating, the students retain full ownership of their laptops.

SUA Information Technology also provides state-of-the-art multi-media systems for campus use. There are over 10 technology classrooms on campus including a theatre classroom that seats 150 people.

Wireless computing is available on campus allowing students to connect to the network from public areas such as courtyards, dormitory living rooms and study areas.

Information Technology student learning outcomes are:

  • Through attending IT workshops and tutoring sessions, students are expected to develop their technological literacy, etiquette, and creativity.