Enrollment Verification of Sibling in College

If you reported on your FAFSA or Financial Aid Application that you have more than one family member in college (such as yourself and sibling), the Office of Financial Aid will request for you to submit the "Enrollment Verification" form that must be completed by your sibling's college in September. Your financial aid eligibility may be revised based upon that verification.

If your sibling is not enrolling in college and does not meet the eligibility requirement, you should notify the Office of Financial Aid as soon as possible.  In most cases it can double your Expected Family Contribution (EFC) and change your financial aid eligibility.  It is vital that you report any changes so that you have the most accurate financial aid package and to avoid any revisions and billing.

Who is an eligible family member?

• A sibling who is under the age of 24

• Enrolled in college at least half-time during the academic year of your enrollment

• Enrolled in an undergraduate degree, diploma or certificate program

Who is not an eligible family member?

• Parents

• Foster children

• Family members enrolled in less than half time and/or enrolled in Graduate or Professional Schools.

• Family members older than 24.

How does this impact your financial aid? Changes to the number of family members enrolled in college may have a substantial impact on your aid eligibility. Failure to submit required verification will result in the following:

  1. Delay in Fall term financial aid disbursements
  2. Recalculation of financial aid eligibility