About the I-901 SEVIS Fee



The U.S. Department of Homeland Security's Federal SEVIS Fee took effect on September 1, 2004. The fee for most students is $200.00. It is generally a one-time fee and is required of those who are applying for an F-1 visa based on an I-20 issued for "initial attendance" or, in some cases when a new F-1 visa is not required, using an “initial attendance” I-20 for entry. Proof of fee payment must be presented at the visa interview and at the port of entry.


You must pay the SEVIS fee if:

• You are seeking an initial F-1 visa from a US Embassy or Consulate abroad for initial attendance.

• You have previously been enrolled at a U.S. school, but you are no longer enrolled and you have been outside the United States for more than five months, even if you have an unexpired F-1 visa in your passport.

• You are a Canadian citizen, and are therefore exempt from the U.S. visa requirement, before you can enter the United States to begin studies at a U.S. school.

• You are already in the United States prior to submitting a change of non-immigrant status application to   F-1.

• You have violated your visa status and have been issued an “initial attendance” I-20 for re-entry to regain your F-1 status.


You do NOT need to pay the SEVIS fee if:

Item 3 on your Soka University’s I-20 reads "transfer pending from <name of school>", even if you will be applying for a new F-1 visa.

• Applicants for F-2 dependent visas are NOT required to pay the SEVIS fee.

SEVIS Fee Rules

• The SEVIS fee must be processed at least three business days before the visa interview, unless you have a printed receipt from an internet payment. Please keep in mind this three day rule.

• The SEVIS fee cannot be paid at the embassy or consulate, or at the U.S. Border.

• A visa will not be issued unless the visa officer can verify that the SEVIS fee payment has been made. However, you may schedule your visa interview prior to paying the SEVIS fee. If you have a printed receipt after your electronic submission of the fee you should keep this printed receipt and take it with you to the interview and when you enter the U.S. This receipt does not serve as verification that payment has been made but it is important that you keep the receipt.

• The SEVIS fee is not refundable. If your visa application is denied, and you decide to re-apply for the same type of visa at a later date, you will not be asked to make a second SEVIS fee payment as long as your visa application is made within 12 months of the initial denial.

How to Pay the SEVIS Fee

Please visit https://fmjfee.com and pay by using a credit or debit card and completing the online Form I-901

Procedure for Paying the SEVIS Fee

a. Obtain form I-20 from Soka University of America

b. Access form I-901 on the internet at http://www.fmjfee.com

c. Complete form I-901, answering all questions (you must have an I-20 from Soka University of America in order to complete form I-901). Be sure that you enter your personal information exactly as it appears on the    I-20 form *Note: To complete form I-901, you must enter Soka University of America’s school code: LOS214F01953000 which appears under School Information of the I-20 form. You must also enter your SEVIS ID number, which is printed at the top left of the I-20 form and starts with the letter "N."

d. Pay the $200 SEVIS fee with a credit or debit card card


Showing Proof of SEVIS Fee Payment at the Visa Interview and/or the U.S. Port of Entry

You must be able to prove that the fee has been paid when you appear for your visa interview and when you enter the United States. This is done by presenting a printed payment receipt, either from the internet if you made an online payment or a mailed receipt if you paid by mail. Visa officers and U.S. port-of entry inspectors should be able to verify SEVIS fee payment electronically three business days after payment is processed, but in case of problems, having a printed receipt is the best evidence of fee payment. If you lose or did not receive a receipt for fee payment, the U.S. government does retain an electronic record that the fee has been paid. A visa will not be issued unless verification of the SEVIS fee payment can be made.