Visa and Immigration Information

SUA is unique in that it provides financial aid to both graduate and undergraduate international students. If you are applying for financial aid, the International Financial Aid Application must be completed by March 1st. If you have applied for financial aid and your application is currently incomplete, it is strongly recommended that you complete your application immediately. Delays in completing your financial aid application will prevent timely processing of your Confidential Certification of Finances Form and Form I-20. The Form I-20 is an essential document to apply for a student (F-1) visa at the United States visa-issuing embassy/consular post nearest you.

What International Students Need to Know About the Confidential Certification of Finances Form in Order to Receive the Form I-20 Needed for the F-1 Student Visa:

Please DO NOT complete or send in the Certification of Finances Form to Soka University of America until you receive an admission acceptance letter and a financial aid award letter (if you applied for financial aid) from the university.

              All accepted international students must complete a Certification of Finances Form regardless of whether or not the student has applied for financial aid. The Certification of Finances Form must be received by the Office of International Student Services no later than May 1st.

Prior to issuing the Form I-20 (Certificate of Eligibility for Non-Immigrant F-1 Student Status - for Academic and Language Students), the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) requires that a U.S. university or college fully assess each international student's ability to meet all expenses during the first year of study. Compliance with ICE regulations further requires a U.S. university of college to obtain verification from the student that s/he has officially proven financial ability to cover the cost of education and living expenses in the U.S. for at least the first year of study.

Verification of a student's financial ability to cover the cost of education and living expenses in the U.S. is declared on the Certification of Finances Form. This is a confidential document that remains in the student's file for both university and ICE purposes. Please read the form carefully and complete the Certification of Finance Form and return it with official documentation to the address listed below by May 1st.

Certification of Finances Form