Brand Brief

Sohokai Brand Brief
In summer 2017, the Sohokai Board of Representatives engaged in a brief exercise to prepare a Sohokai “brand brief”. This brand brief identifies key features of the communication strategy including the important parts of our communications -- the who, the how, and the what of the association. This document should help maintain consistency in our communications to our membership.

Core membership - Who are we talking to?
The core membership of the Sohokai is a globally-minded lifelong learner who, having spent time at Soka University of America, is committed to the Soka ideal of value-creation. They seek camaraderie, support, and inspiration and to provide it to others as well. They are also likely individuals who aspire to enact the values and ideals of Soka into their chosen life-path around the world and throughout society.

Brand personality - How does our voice sound?
Warm, family/familial, solidarity, internationally-minded.

Brand essence - How do we make our members feel?
The Sohokai makes alumni members feel connected, inspired, invaluable, and empowered--like Soka is in their hearts.

Brand promise - What do we exist to do?
The Sohokai exists to support a steady stream of alumni committed to living a contributive life.

Value proposition - How do we create value (i.e. follow through on our promise)?
The Sohokai creates value by providing opportunities to alumni to engage with and give back to the university. We also create spaces to reconnect based on interests, location, cohort, and so on; spark meaningful exchanges; and celebrate our alumni members.

Key brand attributes - Important features and associations to the organization known as Sohokai
Family-like, approachable/down-to-earth, forever connected to Soka, acknowledging and embracing diversity/globally-minded, “young founders” pioneering ideals or spirit, idealistic, dialogue-focused

Elevator speech (What is the Sohokai in 30 seconds?)
The Sohokai is a down-to-earth alumni family of over 1,200 people around the globe who aspire to build upon their Soka liberal arts education by creating value wherever they find themselves. Many are early in their careers and family life and are learning how to be successful. Nonetheless, they aim to infuse the Soka values of humanism, pacifism, and global citizenship in their lives. The alumni association supports the alumni by providing opportunities to engage with and give back to the university as well as opportunities for mutual support, encouragement, and inspiration.