Regional Chapters

The regional chapters were established to play a key role in the global development of our alumni association’s network by creating more opportunities for alumni to connect at local gatherings and events attuned to a city’s culture and vibe. In 2012, three pilot regional chapters were established in Tokyo, Los Angeles, and New York—three hubs where the greatest numbers of alumni reside. In 2013, the Sohokai Alumni Association launched its fourth regional chapter in Osaka, Japan and its fifth in Washington, DC. Continental Europe was established in 2015 and San Francisco, CA in 2016! We look forward to more regional chapters being established around the world in the near future!  

Tokyo Regional Chapter Representatives

Aiki Segawa
Class of 2013
Taeko Yoshimura
Class of 2012

Los Angeles Regional Chapter Representatives

Sari Nakayama 
Class of 2009
Sarah Randolph 
Class of 2014

New York City Regional Chapter Representatives

Olivia Pulphus
Class of 2010
Howee Wu
Class of 2016

Kansai Regional Chapter Representatives

Saki Tomita
Tenji Takino
Class of 2008
Class of 2009

Washington DC Regional Chapter Representatives

Jennifer Cook
Class of 2011

Jennifer Geisler
Class of 2008

Europe Regional Chapter Representatives


David Laumann
Class of 2009

Josie Parkhouse
Class of 2014



San Francisco Bay Area Regional Chapter Representatives



Yuko Matsumoto
Class of 2006

Scott Williams
Class of 2011


Orange County Regional Chapter Representatives


Sophia Kawada & Melody Murakami
Class of 2014


Chicago/Midwest Area Representative



EunYi Chung
Class of 2005


Boston/New England Area Representative



Yukie Tanaka
Class of 2005


Regional Chapter Representatives Position Description:
The primary role of a Regional Chapter Leader is to strengthen their regional network, organize local events and gatherings, and connect and communicate with alumni living in their region. Regional Chapter Leaders are appointed to serve a 3-5 year term. 

Regional Chapter Representatives Practical Responsibilities: 
1. Communicate pertinent information to alumni living in their regional chapter.
2. Plan at least one event or gathering per year.  
3. Keep an up-to-date record of alumni living in that area.
4. Teleconference with the Board of Representatives every quarter.