Athletic Complex/Field

The track surface is a hybrid Bermuda sod with excellent drainage.  The surface is completely playable within eight hours of any significant rain. The field space is 120 yards in length, and 67 yards in width. The surface is extremely fast and very durable. Seating is available along an easy slope along the south straightaway. 

Sodded with the same hybrid Bermuda, the same playability that exists in the track stadium is also present in our multi-purpose field. The space covers 3.5 acres, and can accommodate two full-sized football fields side-by-side. The speed, durability, and drainage of this field are all excellent. Like the track stadium, a grass bluff serves as spectator seating along a 400-foot stretch on the north side.

This area serves our Track & Field events each Spring, Soccer games each Fall, and is also used for intramural, club and fitness activities.