Team Tradition & Guidelines

Attendance Policy

  • You are expected to make all scheduled practice sessions.  You will be given a training schedule regularly outlining these sessions.  Schedules will also be updated (and may change) at team meetings.
  • Missed workouts due to unavoidable class conflicts will be handled on a case by case basis.  You will work with the coaching staff for an agreeable arrangement in each case.
  • If you are ill, you must still attend practices.  After an evaluation from the coaching staff you may be allowed to return to your dorm for further rest.  If you miss workout for an illness, you must make arrangements to get seen by Nurse Jackie within 24 hours.  If you are too ill to attend practice, you must call 949-480-4426 prior to the practice start time.
  • All swimmers are expected to help with recruiting, fundraising, and other team functions where needed.
  • Individually and as a team you should be striving for 100% attendance and effort.
  • Weights and all other dryland activities are extremely important.  You are expected to attend all scheduled sessions and will vary with your assigned training group and program.  You will be required to wear the designated shirt in order to participate.

Training Expectations

  • Daily strive for 100 % effort, positive attitude, and enthusiasm, team unity and spirit and support at all practices.  Not only is it important to conduct ourselves as a team, but we want to look like a team.  SOKA caps are the only acceptable training/competing attire.
  • Everyone needs to be on time to each workout and all scheduled team events.  On time means in the area where you should be, pool, weight room, bus, etc.  This is a critical and significant indication of your respect for your teammates.  BE EARLY!!!
  • You are responsible for having, taking care of and properly putting away your equipment for each practice.  You each will receive training equipment that totals a large amount of money.  Please take care of this equipment and use it properly.
  • As a team, you are responsible for keeping the various facilities (pool, locker rooms, hotels, weight rooms, etc.) we use clean and presentable.  Our goal should be to leave things better than we find them!
  • There is a great deal more to your training routine then what happens in the pool.  There are many resources available to you.  Take advantage of them when and if they apply to your needs.  Also be aware of the university's policy regarding drug and alcohol use.  You are responsible for your choices and expected to follow these actions.  Your behavior should be consistent with our program's goal of being an NAIA champion.

Travel Guidelines

  • At all times it is necessary to be conscious of the fact that you are representing Soka University, the swimming program, and yourself.  Always do so in a manner that will make us all proud.
  • Alcohol and drugs are prohibited.  Anyone found in violation of this rule will be sent home immediately and and will be suspended or removed from the team.
  • Before each trip you will be given an itinerary that will outline the specific guidelines for that trip.  Please read this before we leave and bring a copy with you.  You are required to follows the trip’s itinerary at all times.  Any individual deviations should be cleared with the coaching staff prior to any action.  Failure to do so may result in suspension/removal from the team.
  • Notify your instructors of any missed class time early in the semester - be proactive!  If you need any written verification, see your coaches.
  • Traveling is a privilege and should not be assumed.  Failure to maintain academic and athletic excellence will be just cause for removal from travel squads.  All questions regarding the meet schedule should be discussed with the coaching staff prior to any decisions or actions.

Academic Guidelines

  • Each of you is expected to meet the academic requirements as outlined by your professors for attendance and performance.  Attendance and performance will be monitored by the coaching staff.  Those not meeting the appropriate expectations for academic progress and success shall be subject to suspension from the team until academic performances improve.
  • Swimmers that achieve the end of Fall Semester GPA of 3.5 or better will be treated to off-campus dinner at a dining establishment chosen by coaching staff and the athletic director.
  • Prior to selecting classes for the next school year, each athlete will be required to meet with the coaching staff to discuss their schedule and how it relates to their training plan and seasonal goals.

Taking Care of Yourself

This is a critical component to your season.  The exciting reality is that this is solely “Your” responsibility.  It includes but is not limited to:

  • Getting adequate sleep and rest!
  • Proper diet
  • Sensible extracurricular activities
  • Sensible time management for both your academic and athletic responsibilities

We encourage all of you to participate in the Soka Experience.  This will be different for each one of you.  Please be conscious of the fact that you will have to juggle and prioritize your time, energy, and commitments to your activities.  Also recognize that these decisions and choices are interrelated and affect the quality of your experience.  These are your choices; take ownership of them and ask if they are consistent with the goals that you have set for yourself as well as the team’s goals.

If a team member is not meeting the above expectations or not complying with any individual coach/swimmer arrangements and a coach/swimmer conversation fails to result in improvement, the team member may lose practice, competing, travel privileges and/or team membership.  It is a TOTAL team effort and commitment for all of us to reach our individual and team goals.