Soka University Women's Soccer Program

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Soka's Lady Lions

Soka University of America added a Women's Soccer Program beginning the 2009-2010 academic year and is the latest addition to athletics department. Women's Soccer provides more opportunities for our student-athletes and introduces an exciting spectator sport for our entire campus community to enjoy.

We have a dedicated coaching staff that works hard to recruit the best student- athletes to Soka. Competing at the NAIA level, and in the California Pacific Conference, students-athletes coming to SUA are choosing a college that can provide them with an excellent education. When we add in the opportunity to continue playing varsity athletics it enhances their overall college experience. The bond these student-athletes will form at Soka University with teammates, coaches, professors and peers creates a tremendous learning experience and memories that will last a lifetime.

The traditions that have been established during the foundational years of the women's soccer program at Soka University of America have truly set a precedent for years to come. Our team strives to work hard day in and day out; determined to improve individually and as a team every single day. Our team is passionate about the game of soccer and always plays to win.

We will never be outworked! The character that will build and maintain while playing at SUA will help to create a strong work ethic and mental toughness. A sense of pride and determination to challenge oneself and overcome adverse situations will be instilled, and our athletes will strive to exceed any and all expectations placed upon them.

Our athletes will be able to use the skills and traits gained during their collegiate careers to pursue their goals and aspirations upon graduating and earning a degree from Soka University of America! Courage, Commitment, and Pride will drive our team to success!