<%@ Page Language="C#" AutoEventWireup="true" Inherits="System.Web.UI.Page" %> Soka University of America /images/homepage/banner-hp.jpgsite://Soka/images/homepage/banner-hp.jpgSokabanner-hp.jpgbanner hp/images/homepage/administration_mainimage.jpgsite://Soka/images/homepage/administration_mainimage.jpgSokaadministration_mainimage.jpgAdministration_mainimageAdministration_mainimagebanner hp2/images/homepage/admission_mainimage.jpgsite://Soka/images/homepage/admission_mainimage.jpgSokaadmission_mainimage.jpgAdmission_MainImageAdmission_MainImagebanner hp3/banner hp4/images/homepage/pac_mainimage.jpgsite://Soka/images/homepage/pac_mainimage.jpgSokapac_mainimage.jpgPAC_mainimagePAC_mainimagebanner hp5Bringing the world to our students.We believe that education is the road not just to a career, but to happiness, to fulfillment, and to a better, more peaceful, more sustainable world. Your Soka University degree prepares you for a rewarding future in your career, your life, and a contributive life of meaning and change. Come to Soka if you are comfortable with diversity in people, ideas, opinions, perspectives, values, and goals.
/news_events/news/2014/10/-------soka-university-ranked-high-for-best-value-and-diversitytitle-2Soka University ranked high for best value, diversity and happy freshmenleft-navNospotlights-number1categoryCampussite://Soka/news_events/news/2014/10/-------soka-university-ranked-high-for-best-value-and-diversitySoka-------soka-university-ranked-high-for-best-value-and-diversitySoka University Ranked High for Best Value, Diversity and Happy FreshmenSoka University Ranked High for Best Value, Diversity and Happy FreshmenSoka University ranked high for best value, diversity and happy freshmen.13 year old college makes Top TenSoka, university, best, college, top, ranking, value, diversity, freshmenOct 17, 2014 11:49 AM
/images/news_events/news_events-redesign/founders-hall-small.pngnavNamenavClasssite://Soka/images/news_events/news_events-redesign/founders-hall-small.pngSokafounders-hall-small.pngfounders-hall-smallfounders-hall-smallsoka imageAliso Viejo, CA -- Soka University (SUA), a private, four-year liberal arts college and graduate school located in Aliso Viejo, CA, has been consistently appearing in the top national rankings for Best Value Colleges and Most Diverse Colleges. US News & World Report's "Best Colleges 2016" ranked SUA in the Top Five in both Best Value and Ethnic Diversity among National Liberal Arts Colleges and #1 in Foreign Student Factor (highest percentage of International Students.)
Founders Hall14457024000001445724000000//images/news_events/Lions Roar08groupcr-62x62.JPGsite://Soka/images/news_events/Lions Roar08groupcr-62x62.JPGSokaLions Roar08groupcr-62x62.JPGLionsRoar08groupLions Roar 2008/

What's it like to be a student at Soka University?  Here's a chance to find out for yourself! High school juniors and seniors are invited to spend the day exploring Soka University. Take a tour, experience lunch at the Soka Bistro, meet professors and talk to students!

Can't make it on Oct. 24th? Lions Roar will also be offered on Nov.14, 2014. Free! Register online.

/news_events/events/2015/10/lions-roar-student-campus-day-for-juniors-and-seniorstitle-2spotlights-number1categoryCampuslocationPlease select..site://Soka/news_events/events/2015/10/lions-roar-student-campus-day-for-juniors-and-seniorsSokalions-roar-student-campus-day-for-juniors-and-seniorsLions Roar Student Campus Day for Juniors and SeniorsLions Roar Student Campus Day for Juniors and SeniorsJun 7, 2012 11:15 AM
/images/admission/lions-roar.jpgsite://Soka/images/admission/lions-roar.jpgSokalions-roar.jpglions-roarlions-roarSoka University's Lions Roar open house for high school juniors and seniorsWondering what it might be like to go to Soka University? This is a chance for high school juniors and seniors to take tours, attend workshops and get their questions answered. And yes, there is a free lunch!