Professor Uses His IRA to Support SUA!

manandwomanDave worked as a law professor for many years.  He retired 10 years ago with enough money from his pension plan and investments for him and his wife to live comfortably for the rest of their lives.  They have worked with their lawyer and financial planner to establish a trust which will go to their children when they pass away. 

Dave also has an IRA valued at $100,000.00 and has reached the age where he is required to take an annual distribution.  He would prefer not to have the income from the distribution as it will push him in to a higher tax bracket.

Dave and his wife have supported Soka for 10 years with annual donations of $1,000 and were searching for a way that would allow them to continue to support Soka in to the future.  They decided to take advantage of the tax-saving opportunity recently passed by Congress which allowed them to make a gift to Soka directly from his IRA.  Under this legislation, IRA owners age 70 ½ or older can gift up to $100,000 per person directly to a charity of their choice.  Because the IRA was transferred directly to Soka, the amount of the gift will not be included in their taxable income. 

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