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Welcome!  Registration is open for Soka University's 16th Annual International Festival on May 6, 2017!

Registration fees:
Non-profit: $35 for space with 6' table and 2 chairs  (until March 1 when it goes up to $85)
Artists, Crafters and Businesses:  $125 for space with 6' table and 2 chairs  (until March 1 when it goes up to $175)
Note: Only non-profit organizations or SUA student clubs may register to sell food.  Non-profits may partner with outside food providers if the food provider has agreed to give 100% of the profits to the non-profit.  All food vendors must submit a health permit waiver application to Soka University along with their registration form.  Deadline is April 1 for food vendors.

Exhibitor Location Photos

Exhibitors Registered to date

Registration form for Exhibitors
Partnership Agreement Form for Restaurants/Food Vendors Partnering with Non-Profit Organizations agreeing to give 100% of profits to non-profit.
Health Permit Waiver Application Form for Non-profit Organizations serving food (mail to Soka University International Festival, 1 University Drive, Aliso Viejo, CA 92656 with your registration form.  Deadline April 1, 2017)

Forms for Soka University Student Clubs Only:
Club Registration Form - due by March 1, 2017 for Club rates
Health Permit Waiver Page for SUA Clubs serving food (return to Community Relations with your registration.  Deadline April 1)
Partnership Agreement Form
 - required for all SUA Clubs working with outside food providers

 Soka University Map with location numbers:






























Click on PDF of Map to increase size for readability of numbers.  Blue spaces are 8' canopies only or no canopies, exterior white spaces can take 10' canopies.

International Festival Locations:

100's - Inside of the Recreation Center - limited electrical on front wall only, no food, tables only, tighter spaces, wood floor must be protected from racks, air conditioned, stage area  
200's - Recreation Center Walls - FOOD ONLY. Electrical available, 10x10 canopies ok, grass, some shade, near dining tables with umbrellas (225-242, 254-261)
200'S - Recreation Center Plaza -
No electrical, 10x10 canopies ok, grass or concrete (244-252)
200's - Recreation Center Front walkways - no electrical, grass, 10x10 canopies ok  (200-224, 262-271)
300's - University Circle - Street in front of Recreation Center on Lake Side -
no electrical, 10x10 canopies ok, asphalt or grass (327-358)
300's - University Circle - Street in front of Recreation Center on Recreation Center side -
no electrical, 10x10 canopies ok, asphalt or grass, delayed moving onto asphalt until road closes at 9:30 am. (300-326)
400's - Street on lake side in front of Founders Hall - no electrical, 10x10 canopies ok, asphalt or grass, delayed moving onto street until road closes at 9:30 am. (400-428)
400's - University Circle - Street opposite lake side in front of Founders Hall - no electrical, 10x10 canopies ok, grass only -- stay on grass. (454-429)

500's - Founders Hall Front wall side- electrical available, tighter spaces, 8x8 or 6X6 canopies only (may be rented for $35), stone, some shade (500-517)
500's - Founders Hall Front lake side -
no electrical, 8x8 or 6X6 canopies only (may be rented for $35), stone  (520-529)
600's - Peace Lake, Wall Side - no electrical, 8x8 or 6x6 canopies only (may be rented for $35), some shade (602-616)
R1-8 - Peace Lake Rims A & B - Food only. Some electrical, 10x10 ok, stone  (624-631)
700's - Inside Founders Hall - electrical available ($35 charge), no food, 6' tables only, tight spaces, travertine, air conditioned (700-711) FULL
800's - Adventure Land (Children's area) - electrical available in front row only, 10x10 canopies ok, grass, unloading in Parking Lot C and fire road access only 
900's - Performing Arts Center Plaza - limited electrical, 10x10 canopies ok, unloading at Parking Lot C

Stages are located at Peace Lake (170 seats outside under canopy), inside the Recreation Center (360 seats), in Soka Performing Arts Center (1000 seats) and in the Blackbox Theatre (150 seats)  Stages may be noisy, especially during drum acts. In 2015 7,000 people attended the festival.

Food providers should submit their own registration forms without payment -- listing their non-profit partner on the form, along with a Partnership Agreement Form promising 100% of the profits will go to the non-profit partner. Registration checks for food exhibitors will only be accepted from non-profit organizations (501-c-3 or 501-c-4) organizations.  Non-profit exhibitors selling food are responsible for sending in their  Health Permit Waiver Form, letter and non-profit status letter to Soka University's International Festival by email or mail before April 1, 2015.  Mailing address is Soka University's International Festival, 1 University Drive, Aliso Viejo, CA 92656. 

SUA Clubs serving food should submit the single page Health Permit Waiver form to SUA Community Relations Office by April 1 for group submittal.

Once we have received your application and check, your name will be listed with your space number once it is assigned on our Exhibitors Registered To Date page.  THIS IS YOUR CONFIRMATION!   Set-up is open from 5-7 pm on Friday, May 6 for those with large items to unload and 6:30 - 9:30 am on the morning of May 7, 2016.  If your location is 100's, 200's, 300's, 600's or R1-4 your unloading zone will be in front of the Recreation Center.  If your location is 400's, 500's, 700's or R5-8 you will unload in front of Founders Hall.   If your location is 800's or 900's your unloading area will be in Parking Lot C.  Please come prepared to park, unload quickly (we will have someone to watch your things on Saturday morning) and then park in Parking Lot A or C -- coming back to take your things to your exhibitor location. Please bring your own dolly or cart if needed.  If your booth space is in or near an unloading zone, please set up as much as you can knowing that you can move into your space at 9:30 am when University Circle closes to traffic.  Questions may be directed to info@soka.edu

Important: University Circle closes at 9:30 am, so if you come late, you will have to unload from Parking Lot A.  Every year we have a number of exhibitors making the long trek and they are always unhappy about it. Please allow plenty of travel time!

Questions?: info@soka.edu

Additional details: Eventlister.com