Learning Cluster Fair 2013 Winter Block

Date: 01.30.2013

Time: 10:30 am - 2:30 pm

Location: Pauling Hall 216

Learning Cluster 2013Soka University's Academic Affairs presents Learning Cluster Fair 2013  -- come and see where our students went and what they did over the 3 1/2 week Winter Block Learning Cluster.

Collaboration, compassion, and contribution converge on issues of peace, poverty and human rights, injustice, education, culture, race and the environment.

Learning Cluster students collaborate, and work diligently for many days to prepare their outstanding and informative exhibits that bring their compelling learning experiences to life for the entire SUA community.  With every display and each student performance, the Soka values of peace, justice, and reverence for life will resonate throughout the 2013 Learning Cluster Fair.   

Soka Bistro (Dining Hall) in Student Center & Pauling Hall 216