Documentary screening: Escape from North Korea

Date: 04.26.2013

Time: 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

Location: Pauling 216

Danny from North KoreaSoka University’s student Rescue Team Club will present the latest known documentary, Danny from North Korea, made by the grassroots NGO Liberty in North Korea – the story of a man who escaped a life of indoctrination, routine public executions, and starvation.  An open discussion will follow.

Admission is free but donations will be taken to assist refugees from North Korea.

Danny from North Korea is the success story of one of thousands of North Koreans who make the dangerous journey across the border to escape oppression and poverty.  In 2005 this young man escaped from the Democratic Peoples' Republic of Korea to China and ultimately, the United States.  This documentary reveals what life is like in the Hermit Kingdom, as well as what it takes to get out. 

Statement from  Seon Mi Jin, Soka University Class of 2013, President of SUA LiNK Rescue Club:  I’m from South Korea and found it shocking to realize that I had neglected the suffering of the people in North Korea who lived right next to me.  Before it’s too late, I decided to take action to raise awareness of the North Korean refugee issue. I’m writing my senior thesis on reconciliation between South and North Korea.  I will go back to South Korea after graduation on May 24th to look for opportunities to contribute to peace building between both Koreas. I think that peace building in Korea will be the fundamental solution to reducing the suffering of the North Koreans.