Lecture: Humanitarian Disarmament - From Anti-Personnel Mines to the Abolition of Nuclear Weapons by Alexander Harang, PhD

Date: 09.15.2014

Time: 5:00 pm - 6:00 pm

Location: Pauling Hall 216

Alexander Harang, PhD, Visiting Professor at Tromsø University, has twenty-two years of experience as a national leader in the Norwegian peace movement. He has published many books, academic articles and research reports on peace issues over the last decade. Alexander has functioned as professor of peace studies since his mid twenties.  

Harang also holds vast experience in the field of international politics, having served as political advisor, analyst and technical expert on various peace issues in the Norwegian government, the EU and the UN. Alexander has also been used as a peace consultant by more than thirty-five governments in different peace and disarmament processes since the late 1990s.  

Harang gives about sixty public talks and lectures on peace politics every year, nationally as well as internationally. Over the last decade he has created more than fifty news stories on current peace affairs annually, as the Norwegian peace movements main spokesperson. 

Positions of trust: 

2011-  President of the RORG Network – the interest group for Norwegian NGO´s funded by the Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation (Norad)

2009 -  TRANSCEND International Network

2009 -  Board member at the Nordic Peace Academy

2007 -  Board member at the Council for the Peace Movements Archive

2006 -  Leader of the Norwegian Peace Associations Arms Trade Group

2005 -  Council Member, International Peace Bureau

2005 -  National coordinator for the International Peace Bureau in Norway

2005 -  Regional Representative of the IPB for North Europe

2004 -  Executive Board member at the Norwegian Peace Council

2007 - 2011 Leader of the Norwegian Peace Associations electoral committee

2006 - 2007: President of the Norwegian Peace Association

2003 - 2008: President of the National Council on Strategic Exports

2003 - 2006: Leader of the Norwegian Peace Councils Lobby Group

2001 - 2003: President of No War Australia

1999 - 2000: Vice President of the Students and Academics International Helping Fund

1999: President of Students Against War

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