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Michael Golden Michael Golden - Professor of Music Composition & Theory & Director of Creative Arts Program

Dr. Michael Golden performed a two-hour solo recital at the Lopez Center for the Performing Arts in Washington in August. The concert was a fundraiser to help maintain the arts programs on this rural island in Puget Sound. Dr. Golden performed a mix of original works, jazz standards, classical pieces, and free improvisation.

Mark Kirchner

Mark Kirchner - Adjunct Instructor - Photography  

Mr. Mark Kirchner's photographic portrait of Artist/Activist Jerome Caja (1958-1995) and his anecdotal writings are now included in the permanent collection of the Archive of American Art Smithsonian Institution. A set of Mr. Kirchner’s documentary photographs of the Southern Californian Proposition 8 Protests (Same Sex Marriage) has been included in the One National Gay and Lesbian Archive at the University of Southern California.


Arie A. Galles

Arie A. Galles - Professor of Painting/Drawing  

One of Professor Arie Galles' drawings, made especially for the invitational group "Capital Crimes$" Exhibition, is currently on display in the show at BC Space Gallery in Laguna Beach. The drawing, in keeping with the Exhibition’s theme, is a satirical look at Big Money’s influence on current politics. Professor Galles had a lot of fun drawing this timely piece. The show opened on Saturday, October 6th, and runs through November 30th, 2012. He hopes you find time to stop by the gallery and see the show. The gallery’s address is:

BC Space Gallery
235 Forest Avenue
Laguna Beach, CA 92651


Kristi M. Wilson

Kristi M. Wilson - Assistant Professor of Rhetoric and Composition and Tomas Crowder-Taraborrelli - Visiting Assistant Professor of Latin American Studies  

Dr. Kristi M. Wilson and Dr. Tomas Crowder-Taraborrelli are the new Film Review Editors at Latin American Perspectives (a SAGE journal). Latin American Perspectives, ( founded in 1974, is a theoretical and scholarly journal for discussion and debate on the political economy of capitalism, imperialism, and socialism in the Americas. The journal has over 6000 digital and hard copy subscribers and is distributed in the United States and throughout Latin America, with emphasis in Mexico and Brazil. Dr. Wilson and Dr. Crowder-Taraborrelli will be responsible for writing and soliciting film reviews, curating the selections of films (both fiction and documentary) that will be available for viewing on the LAP website, and writing critical introductions to each featured film.

Marie-Rose Logan

Marie-Rose Logan - Professor of European and Comparative Literature  

Dr. Marie-Rose Logan was invited to speak at the Walter Benjamin Colloquium held on September 27-29 at the New York State University of Albany. Dr. Logan devotes a chapter of her upcoming book to "The Poetics of Scholarship" in the work of Benjamin, a major figure in the development of literary theory.


Robert E. Allinson

Robert E. Allinson - Professor of Philosophy

Dr. Robert E. Allinson has been informed he has been selected as the finalist for the Lady Davis Fellowship. The Lady Davis Trust "provides leading international scholars and scientists the opportunity to participate in research at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem." "Its international impact and recognition has made it one of the most distinguished and sought after fellowships in the world."