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Shane Barter

Shane Barter - Assistant Professor of Comparative Politics  

Dr. Shane Barter was invited to present his paper, “State Proxy or Security Dilemma? Understanding Anti-Rebel Militias in Civil War” at Yale University’s MacMillan Center on 19-20 October. This was part of a small workshop on Paramilitaries, Militias, and Civil Defense Forces in Civil Wars. Also, Dr. Barter's paper, “Unarmed Forces: Civilian Strategies in Violent Conflicts” appeared in the October edition of Peace & Change (37:4). This article presents a conceptual framework through which we can understand the potential for civilian agency in the midst of armed conflict.

Nancy J. Hodes  

Nancy J. Hodes - Professor of Chinese Language & Culture  

Dr. Nancy Hodes’s comments appear on the cover of a new book titled, "Recovery of the Heart: Dialogues With People Working Towards a Sustainable Beijing," by Stephanie B. Tansey, just published at China’s New World Press. The volume consists of interviews with nine Beijing residents (both Chinese and “ex-pats”) about their wide range of activities towards sustainable development there. Extensive reviews of the volume by Dr. Hodes also appear online at, and in the English-language news weekly Beijing Review. “These individuals are making a difference, creating bridges between peoples and cultures, nature and humanity, and seem to go about it with profound humility,” says Dr. Hodes of the book’s subjects. So she urges those interested in sustainable development worldwide and in all facets of Chinese society to find out more at (The book is available for purchase on, among other places.)

Robert Elliott Allinson  

Robert Elliott Allinson - Professor of Philosophy  

Dr. Robert Elliott Allinson is pleased to share with the Soka community that his single authored chapter, ‘On the Very Concept of Risk Management: Lessons from the Challenger,’ has been published in Nerija Banaitiene (ed) Risk Management, Vilnius Technical University. In this chapter, Dr. Allinson presents new developments in the concept of risk management when it confronts high risk technology that he initiated in his single authored book, Saving Human Lives, Lessons in Management Ethics with Springer. He has learned his concepts, definitions and theories are currently being utilized by FEMA for their training courses.