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Anthony Mazeroll

Anthony Mazeroll - Professor of Biology & Director of Environmental Studies

Dr. Anthony Mazeroll has reported that the Environmental Studies Concentration has just been awarded a $10,000.00 grant from Edison International, Southern California Edison to fund ENVST Student Capstone Research.

Robert Elliott Allinson

Robert Elliott Allinson - Professor of Philosophy

Dr. Robert Allinson's article, 'The Butterfly, the Mole and the Sage,' has been published in Philosophical Papers, edited by David Bourget of the Institute of Philosophy, School of Advanced Studies, University of London and David Chalmers, Centre for Consciousness, Australian National University and New York University. The article focuses on the Chinese Taoist philosopher, Zhuangzi (4th century BCE), who is, according to Rothbard, the "world's first anarchist". Allinson argues if the traditional interpretation of the butterfly dream were correct and the outcome were one of confusion or inability to see clearly, the mole or the bat should have been selected as an appropriate metaphor. The butterfly is selected since it is the symbol of transformation. Allinson's interpretation, and the alteration of the classical textual placement he suggests, is endorsed by his former colleague, the great Asian classicist and renowned Chinese and Japanese translator, Burton Watson.

Kristi M. Wilson

Kristi M. Wilson, Assistant Professor of Rhetoric and Composition and Tomás Crowder-Taraborrelli, Visiting Assistant Professor of Latin American Studies

Dr. Kristi M. Wilson and Dr. Tomás Crowder-Taraborrelli are proud to announce that their book, Film and Genocide (University of Wisconsin Press, 2012), has been admitted into the Archive of The State Museum Auschwitz-Birkenau.