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Robert Allinson - Professor of Philosophy

Professor Allinson invited two academic/ legal experts to lecture to his Philosophy 390 course, on Good, Evil and the Holocaust.  On October 9th, Professor Kirsten Monroe, internationally regarded scholar in philosophy/ ethics, Pulitzer Prize nominee, spoke on Righteous Rescuers/Bystanders and Persecutors during the Holocaust. On October 28th, the Honorable Justice Richard Fybel, delivered a lecture,  "Erosion and Destruction of German Law during the Third Reich. Justice Fybel has been the Chair of the California Supreme Court Committee on Ethics for 14 years. 

In November, for the 7th year, Professor Allinson organized a dinner and a lecture celebrating UNESCO World Philosophy Day in which the theme, 'Learning to Live Together' with ideas of world philosophers presented regarding respect, trust and dialogue. Afterward, the film, "I Shall Not Be Silent,” a rare documentary representing how different races, cultures and religions can work together during the Civil Rights era, was shown. 

Robert Hamersley - Associate Professor of Microbiology

In January, Professor Robert Hamersley traveled to the Glovers Reef Research Station, located on a remote coral atoll in Belize, to scout a location for a potential Learning Cluster. Students would have the opportunity to learn first-hand about the management of this Marine Protected Area and World Heritage Site, the impact of climate change and fishing on coral reefs, and to engage in research on sea grasses and the complex ecological communities that they support.


Shane Barter – Assistant Professor of Comparative Politics

Dr. Shane Barter had two articles published in January.  The first, "Area Studies, Asian Studies, and the Pacific Basin", appears in the newest edition of Geographical Review (105:1).  This article uses experience teaching an Introduction to the Pacific Basin here at Soka as an opportunity to rethink area studies.  The second article, "Strife of the Soil: Unsettling Transmigrant Conflicts in Indonesia," appears in the Journal of Southeast Asian Studies (46:1).  Co-authored with Isabelle Côté, this article challenges the link between state-led transmigration and violence, emphasizing that the ethnic conflicts endemic to Indonesia after the fall of Suharto almost never involved state transmigrants, but were instead limited to spontaneous migrants relocating without state support.  Finally, Dr. Barter was an invited participant to a symposium on Social Resistance hosted by Lund University in Sweden (24-26 November), where he presented a paper on civilian resistance within rebel zones of control.

Kristi M. Wilson Associate Professor of Rhetoric and Composition

Dr. Kristi M. Wilson presented a paper on Brazilian fiction and documentary films at the 21st Visible Evidence Conference in New Delhi, December 11-14. Her presentation was part of a panel entitled “Communities and trauma in South American documentary films about political militancy and state terrorism.”