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Esther S. Chang – Associate Professor of Psychology

Esther S. Chang is pleased to announce three publications: (1) the 8th Edition of Taking Sides: Clashing Views in Educational Psychology (McGraw Hill), (2) an original research paper that appears in the Journal of Family Issues, entitled "Kirogi mothers psychological well-being: The Relative Contributions of Marital Quality, Mother–Child Relationship Quality, and Youth's Educational Adjustment, and (3) a research note written with collaborators at UCI (Chuansheng Chen and Elizabeth Kim) that appears in the Journal of Comparative Family Studies, entitled "Have You Set Your Life Priorities Straight?: Ethnic and Intergenerational Differences in Life Goal Priorities".

James O'Neil Spady – Associate Professor of American History

Professor Spady and three Soka students travelled to a conference in Connecticut. Themed "Confronting Slavery," the conference was in support of an effort to create a UNESCO world heritage trail focused on the historic Trans Atlantic Slave Trade from Africa to the Americas. It drew scholars, activists, and others from Ghana and the United States. The SUA students (Avanti Arseculeratne, Zoria Key, and Grace Lovell) presented the documentary film they made in Ghana with their learning cluster in January. Professor Spady presented his research on the Charleston Slave uprising of 1822.

Dongyoun Hwang – Professor of Asian Studies

Professor Dongyoun Hwang attended the European Social Science History Conference (ESSHC), held from March 30 to April 2 in Valencia, Spain, where he presented a paper, titled "Yan'an as a Node of the Transnational Radical Networks in Eastern Asia," at a session on "Interconnections: Ideas, People, Practices." This paper is part of his next book project on "Radicals on the Move: Transnational Networks of Discourse and Activity in Tokyo, Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Yan'an, 1905-1947."

Robert Elliot Allinson – Professor of Philosophy

Professor Robert Elliott Allinson has been informed he has had an educational film made about his writings and research work in the fields of corporate ethics and social responsibility by the Innsbruck-Munich Research team headed by Professor Dr. Wolfgang Weber, Chair of the Applied Psychology Department of the Research Platform, Organization and Society of the University of Innsbruck, founded in 1669. Professor Allinson's work, most especially his work "Circles Within Circles: The Condition for the Possibility of an Ethical Business Enterprise within a Market System", published in the Journal of Business Ethics, Vol 54, pp.261-277 was the basis for the educational film. The film consists of dialogues among graduate students utilizing the ideas from Professor Allinson's articles and has been produced for graduate pedagogical purposes among German speaking students.

Seiji Takaku – Professor of Psychology

Dr. Seiji Takaku, has recently contributed a chapter titled "謝罪と釈明" ("Apology and Account Giving") in the book titled "紛争、暴力、公正の心理学" ("Psychology of Conflict, Aggression, and Justice," 2016), which was edited by Professor Kenichi Ohbuchi of Tohoku University. The book was published in Japanese by Kitaoji Shobou publishing company.