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Dongyoun Hwang – Professor of Asian Studies

Professor Dongyoun Hwang's new book, co-authored with other Korean historians, was published in Korea in December 2016 by the National Museum of Korean Contemporary History. The book's title is The International Conferences that Led to the Establishment of the Republic of Korea (Daehan minguk eul mandeun gukje hoeui), and Professor Hwang authored a chapter on the Cairo Conference and the Teheran Conference, two pivotal conferences held in 1943 by the leaders of the Allied Powers (Franklin D. Roosevelt, Winston Churchill, Joseph Stalin, and/or Chiang Kai-shek) to discuss the military strategies to defeat the Axis Powers (Germany and Japan) and the vision and plan to build the world new order and peace after WWII.

 Vuslat Demirkoparan – Visiting Assistant Professor of Rhetoric and Composition

Dr. Demirkoparan has obtained the rights to publish her literary translations of Turkish writer Tarık Dursun K.'s works from Yapı Kredi Publishing. Her translation,"A Young Man in Front of the Taksim Monument," appears in K1N: A Journal of Literary Translation (University of Ottowa); and  "Oh, My Life," as well as an accompanying essay, "On Translation, Migrancy, and the Mother-Tongue: Translating Tarık Dursun K.'s 'Ömrüm, Ömrüm'" appears in the journal, Necessary Fiction. Additionally her collaborative intermedia projects, "Sympathetic Resonance: An Evening of Improvised Alchemy," premiered at the Highways Performance Space and Gallery in Santa Monica, CA, on December 9 and 10; and "Are We There Yet?" an interactive holographic installation, was exhibited at the 2017 Foundation for Art Resources (FAR) Art Bazaar at Cerritos College on January 28 and 29.

Robert Elliott Allinson – Professor of Philosophy

Robert Elliott Allinson has published a single author double blind reviewed article, 'Searle's Master Insight and the Non-Dual solution of the Sixth Patriarch: Sorting Through Some Problems of Consciousness,' Comparative Philosophy: An International Journal of Constructive Engagement of Distinct Approaches   Toward World Philosophy, Vol. 8, No. 1, January 2017, pp. 3-14. This lead article is part of an ongoing dialogue with the noted contemporary philosopher, John Searle, who is professor of philosophy at the University of California at Berkeley. Professor Allinson compares Searle's analysis of the brain-mind problem with the solution of the Sixth Patriarch, Hui Neng, in the Platform Sutra. Professor Allinson's findings show a parallel in the solutions proposed to the brain-mind problem despite the intervening centuries and the wide differences in language and culture. Professor Allinson contributes his own analysis of the brain-mind problem taking into account approaches from both Eastern and Western philosophy.

Edward Feasel – Dean of Faculty and Professor of Economics

Professor Edward Feasel, Padmapriya Gollapudi (SUA Class of 2007 and currently completing her Ph.D. in economics at Claremont Graduate University), and Daiki Kumazawa (SUA class of 2017) published their paper On the relative importance of demand and supply shocks: a panel VAR (vector autoregression) study for US states in the journal Applied Economic Letters in December, 2016 (visit the following web link for a limited number of free downloads of the paper:

Deike Peters – Assistant Professor of Environmental Planning and Practice

Deike Peters presented her latest research on rail station redevelopment at the Railvolution conference in San Francisco and the invitation-only annual UCLA Lake Arrowhead Symposium. Professor Peters and UCLA colleague Anastasia Loukaitou-Sideris completed a comparative analysis of high-speed rail (HSR) station development in order to provide valuable lessons for the California HSR system, and San José's Diridon Station, "A Comparative Analysis of High-Speed Rail Station Developing into Destination and Multi-Use Facilities: The Case of San José Diridon" identifies elements of good station-area planning, documents what experts consider as challenges and opportunities, and extracts recommendations to improve future HSR station-area development. The research team reviewed literature on planning intermodal transit facilities, completed an in-depth assessment of current planning efforts for Diridon Station and conducted in-depth case studies of five European HSR stations: Lille and Lyon, France; Utrecht and Rotterdam, the Netherlands; and, Turin, Italy. The full report can be accessed here