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Summaries of the 2018 Learning Clusters:

From Kitchen Shelf to Drug Designing Lab | Zahra Afrasiabi – Associate Professor of Chemistry

Many pharmaceutical drugs are being synthesized based on ingredients of spices and herbs. Some are being used as such and some are being modified structurally. We explored the anticancer, antibacterial, and other biological activities of the active ingredients in ginger, turmeric, cumin, chili, garlic, clove, basil, saffron, cinnamon, and wasabi along with their mechanism of action in our biological system. We also visited two research laboratories where drug molecules are being synthesized based on natural compounds. At UCI lab antitumor molecules are being made from specific type of fungus and at UCSD researchers are making antimalarial drugs originated from marine species. 

Southeast Asian America | Shane Barter – Associate Professor of Comparative Politics

Professor Barter and his students explored the histories, challenges, and identities of Southeast Asian communities in the United States.  Focusing mostly on Vietnamese, Filipino, Cambodian, and Hmong in southern California, they contrasted the varied experiences of these groups with the dominant 'model minority' stereotype so often applied to Asian Americans.  The class was fortunate to spend five days off-campus, visiting Southeast Asian American community, religious, student, and other groups in Los Angeles and Orange County, learning firsthand about their work and perspectives. The class was intense, fun, and rewarding, with the professor and students learning together about Southeast Asian America!

Disasters and Emergency Management | George Busenberg – Associate Professor of Environmental Management & Policy

The 2018 Disasters and Emergency Management Learning Cluster table focused on emergency management websites in higher education, including an analysis of the key features of 16 emergency management websites based on independent research by the students in the learning cluster. This analysis included a summary of particularly useful features found in emergency management websites currently used in institutions of higher education across the nation.