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Faculty Appreciation Reception | Arie Galles Retirement Celebration

On Tuesday, May 2nd, SUA Faculty, and staff came together to enjoy a friendly year-end faculty appreciation reception.  Faculty also celebrated the retirement of friend and colleague, Professor Arie Galles.  Arie has spent the last 49 years as an art educator, with the last 13 years here at Soka. 

Dean of Faculty, Ed Feasel welcomed the intimate group of professors sharing fond memories of their many years of friendship, including the first time he and Arie met before the Soka campus was even built. It would not be until 2003 that Arie joined the faculty of Soka as Professor of Painting and Drawing.  Director of the Creative Arts Program, Michael Golden also thanked Arie for his many years of service and friendship, gifting Arie with the original score he composed to use at Arie’s “Fourteen Stations” was exhibited here at the SUA Gallery in 2006, as a musical response to the exhibit.  The floor was then opened to other faculty/guests to share more funny stories, happy memories and express their own admiration of this highly regarded individual.

Aire group

When it was time for Arie to say a few words of his own, he expressed his gratitude and love for his time at Soka.  Arie described the immediate connection he felt with Soka all those years ago, upon meeting Ed and visiting the blank canvas of what is now the Soka University campus.  It is clear listening to various faculty stories, how appreciated and Arie is as both a colleague and friend.  Always a friendly face on campus, he is quick to share a story or tell a joke, whether in class, passing a fellow colleague’s office, or visiting the Dean of Faculty’s office in search of a snack, which Clare Lorenzo gladly has in stock just for Arie.  

Not only has Arie been an educator for almost 50 years but to use his own words, “I am what I always wanted to be, an artist.”  Arie was born in Uzbekistan, living in Poland, Israel and the United States. He is humbled by the love and support of his wife, Sara, his children and grandchildren and his many friends, whom he says inspire his art. Arie may be retiring, but we know he will remain close and visit often and we thank him for all of his contributions to the Soka community.  Congratulations, Arie!