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Nalini Rao – Associate Professor of World Art

Dr. Nalini Rao, Art Historian, presented a paper on “ Knowledge of the Past: Challenges of Justification, Interpretation and Preservation: Case of Dvaraka in the Invited International Conference on the Epic Mahabharata (Mahabharata Manthan) in New Delhi, July 19-21, 2017. Her article on “The Role and Status of the King’s Priest in Kambujadesa” was published in the peer-reviewed journal, Nidan: International Journal for Indian Studies, Vol. 2, No. 1, July 2017 Here she analyzes the trans-religious role of ritual power in Ancient Cambodia and offers new insights into the topic using literary evidences. 

Tomoko Takahashi – Vice President for Institutional Research & Assessment, Dean of the Graduate School, and Professor of Linguistics & Education

Dr. Tomoko Takahashi has recently published a textbook for Japanese learners of English entitled『相手と場面で使い分ける・英語表現ハンドブック』[English Expression Handbook: Choosing the Right Phrase for the Occasion]  (高橋朋子 著・2017年7月アルク刊). The book is based on the research that Dr. Takahashi has conducted on interlanguage pragmatics since the late-1980s. This is her 15th textbook published in Japan. Eight of her textbooks have been translated into Chinese and Korean and published in China, Taiwan, and South Korea. In addition, Dr. Takahashi has published a number of scholarly books and research papers in English and Japanese as well as translations, essays, and books for the general reader. 

Robert Allinson – Professor of Philosophy

Robert Elliott Allinson published his original argument that demonstrates what kind of relationship exists between truth and intelligibility in his article, ‘The Relationship between truth and intelligibility in simple arithmetical propositions,’ Annalele Filosofie, Nr. 39, (2017), pp. 67-75. During the month of June he offered a Distinguished Lecture on ‘Zhuangzi and Metaphor’ at Tel Aviv University. In this lecture he explained how metaphors in Zhuangzi possessed a cognitive function that could not be duplicated in prose. Continuing in June, he presented a Distinguished Lecture on ‘Zhuangzi and Buber’ at Tel Aviv University. He explained the close parallel between Zhuangzi and Buber despite the huge difference in language, culture and historical time. During the same month, he presented a Distinguished Lecture on the ethics of Simone de Beauvoir at the University of Haifa. In this lecture, he presented the unique contribution of Simone de Beauvoir to philosophy and ethics.

James Spady – Associate Professor of American History

Dr. James Spady traveled to archives in California and South Carolina for research in July and August. He met with colleagues to plan a 2019 conference at the College of Charleston on black antislavery movements and rebellions in the early 19th Century. He has also become the Board Secretary for The Open School in Orange County. And he renewed his commitment to Chican@s Unidos's historical project, twice making presentations in Santa Ana on local histories of organizing against racism in the county.

Esther Chang – Professor of Psychology

Esther is pleased to announce the launching of a new program of research investigating the positive potential of volunteer work for happiness in midlife and older adulthood. She reported her preliminary findings with co-investigator, Gary Germo (California State University at Fullerton) at the annual meetings of the Association of Psychological Science in Boston at the start of summer and plans to apply their findings by conducting an “intervention” study.  

Dongyoun Hwang – Professor of Asian Studies

The paperback edition of Professor Dongyoun Hwang’s book, Anarchism in Korea: Independence, Transnationalism, and the Question of National Development, 1919-1984 (SUNY Press, 2016) was published in July 2017. His new book, Commemorating the Second World War and the Politics of Memory, co-authored with Park Chan Seung, Peter Fritzsche, Lucy Noakes, et al., came out in June 2017 in Korea, and he wrote a chapter on how World War II has been commemorated in the People’s Republic of China.

Professor Hwang’s proposals to present a paper respectively at the American Historical Association’s Annual Meeting in January 2018 and at the European Social Science History Conference in April 2018 were all accepted. The papers he will present are respectively titled “The Biggest Little School in the World: Dawn Advanced Middle School and Anarchist Education in East Asia” and “Wartime Collaboration in China through A Collaborator’s Eyes: An Examination of Zhou Fohai’s Dairies.”     

Ed Feasel – Professor of Economics, Vice President of Academic Affairs & Chief Academic Officer

Professor Ed Feasel presented a paper, coauthored with recent alumni Daiki Kumazawa c/o 2017, at the Conference of Macroeconomics from Liberal Arts Colleges held at Davidson College from August 1-3 in Davidson, North Carolina. Nearly fifty economists attended from thirty-six liberal arts colleges around the country. The paper was entitled “The Role of Exports in the East Asian Miracle”. To obtain a copy of the paper visit the program page on the conference homepage: Ed also attended the American Council on Education (ACE) Institute for New Chief Academic Officers at the ACE office in Washington DC from July 25-27. Twenty-nine Provosts/Vice Presidents for Academic Affairs attended the Institute which will meet next in New Mexico in November.

Seiji Takaku – Professor of Psychology

Dr. Seiji Takaku was asked by the Board of Aliso Viejo Little League to manage the Juniors All Starts team this summer and led the team to win the District 55 championship (defeating Lake Forest and Laguna Niguel) and the Section 10 championship (defeating East Anaheim, North Mission Viejo, and Fountain Valley). The team then went onto the CA State Championship representing Aliso Viejo and Section 10 and became one of the top 4 teams in the State of California after defeating the teams from Los Angeles (Moorpark) and from San Diego (Twin Hills). They lost a very close game in the semi-finals against Arcadia (15-17). Both Aliso Viejo Little League and Soka University of America sponsored the team’s travel costs during the All Stars season.  Manager Takaku led AVLL All Starts team to the State Championship tournament two years in a row. 


Rosemary Papa – Professor of Comparative and International Education and Leadership

Dr. Rosemary Papa is very excited and happy to join SUA and the faculty this fall in the Master’s program in Educational Leadership and Societal Change.

This past August, as co-founder of an Educational Leaders Without Borders (ELWB) Dr. Papa co-hosted our biennial conference in Puerto Rico as part of the International Council of Educational Leadership’s annual conference. Four Soka graduate students attended and presented papers there (Marco Timm, Samrat Basyal, Viviane Vallerand and Cintia Kussuda). They also participated in the Educational Leaders Without Borders conference. The Director of the M.A. program, Jay Heffron, also attended and presented. The next ELWB biennial meeting is in 2019 here at SUA.

As well, her latest book, Finding Her in History: Confronting the Traditions of Misogyny, with Springer International Publishing.

Another book published this August with two co-authors is Online Faculty Teaching-Novice to Expert: Effective Practices for the Student Learner, with NCPEA Press.

Lisa MacLeod – Associate Professor of International Studies

Dr. MacLeod was the TNDY Guest Speaker at Claremont Graduate University on June 12, 2017. Her presentation was titled “The International Refugee Regime: The Roles and Obligations of UNHCR, States and NGOs.”

Also, her article “China’s Security Council Engagement: The Impact of Normative and Causal Beliefs,” was published in the most recent edition of Global Governance: A Review of Multilateralism and International Organizations.