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Welcoming the Master of Arts Class of 2019

Soka University’s Graduate School faculty greeted its fourth cohort of Master of Arts candidates in Educational Leadership and Societal Change with a welcome-to-campus dinner at the Athenaeum in August. Program Director Jay Heffron warmly welcomed the students and Tomoko Takahashi, Dean of the Graduate School, led everyone in an ardent toast to start off the evening. 

Begun in 2014, the MA Program has a unique and vital mission. It responds to the need for global leaders with the practical skills and experience, foundational knowledge, and ethical commitments necessary to achieve lasting and effective societal change within the wide field of education. In addition to the classroom learning environment, education also takes place across social, cultural, political, and economic institutions, all of which have a profound bearing on schools and the type of future citizens they produce. Aptly, Dr. Heffron shared the following message sent by Soka University Founder Daisaku Ikeda on the occasion of the opening of the Program three years ago, "Harness the power of education and use it to create hope and value for humankind." 

The incoming class of 2019 was joined by their colleagues in the class of 2018 as well as by faculty and staff. A commemorative photo (above) was taken of the attendees. In closing remarks, Vice President for Academic Affairs, Edward M. Feasel welcomed new and old and reflected on the beginning of an auspicious year for the Program and all its participants. 

Photo caption:

Pictured on the students' left are Anthony Normore, Visiting Distinguished Professor of Educational Leadership, Ric Brown, Adjunct Professor of Educational Psychology, Rosemary Papa, Comparative and International Professor of Education and Leadership. On the far right, students are joined by Edward Feasel, Vice President for Academic Affairs, Tomoko Takahashi, Dean of the Graduate School, Jay Heffron, Program Director, and Karen Moran Jackson, Assistant Professor of Educational Psychology and Assessment.