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Shane Barter – Professor of Comparative Politics

In January 2018, Professor Shane Barter’s new article on territorial autonomy was published in Regional Studies.  Focusing on Quebec, Scotland, and Indonesia, the article explores how political autonomy arrangements for ethnic minorities often generates fresh injustices against local, second-order minorities.

Robert Allinson – Professor of Philosophy

Professor Allinson was appointed by the President of the University of Haifa, Israel, as an Honorary Affiliate Faculty Member. The University, one of Israel’s top three universities, is a Ph.D. granting research university with close ties to the Sorbonne.  Twenty-five percent of its students are Arab citizens of Israel. Related to  Professor Allinson’s research interests is the Center for Ethics, Law and Health which includes the UNESCO chair in Bioethics. 

 Professor Allinson was selected for an invited-only international symposium “ Creating a Philosophy for the Future”, University of Macau, Peoples Republic of China. In keeping with his long standing interest in global, international studies, rather than focusing on divisive categories of an ‘us versus them’ mentality, Professor Allinson’s paper seeks to address creating an integrated world philosophy which is more suitable to harmonizing ethical values necessary for constructing a genuine, 21st century global community.

Ian Read – Associate Professor of Latin American Studies & Director of International Studies Concentration

Ian Read published the article “Investigating an Epidemic among Indigenous Children in Venezuela” in Latin American Perspectives (Vol. 44, Issue 6).

Tomoko Takahashi – Vice President for Institutional Research & Assessment, Dean of the Graduate School, and Professor of Linguistics & Education

Dr. Tomoko Takahashi’s textbook for Japanese learners of English entitled『相手と場面で使い分ける・英語表現ハンドブック』[English Expression Handbook: Choosing the Right Phrase for the Occasion]  (高橋朋子 著・アルク刊) has been well received since its July 2017 publication in Japan.  Last month (December 2017), it was ranked 6th among the English textbook bestsellers by Maruzen Bookstore in the Marunouchi business district in Tokyo—Maruzen is one of the largest and most prominent bookstores in Japan. The book is based on the research that Dr. Takahashi has conducted on interlanguage pragmatics since the late 1980s. This is her 15th textbook published in Japan. Eight of her textbooks have been translated into Chinese and Korean and published in China, Taiwan, and South Korea. In addition, Dr. Takahashi has published a number of scholarly books and research papers in English and Japanese as well as translations, essays, and books for the general reader. 

Nalini Rao – Associate Professor of World Art

Dr. Nalini Rao has initiated a Study Circle for the Appreciation and Understanding of Indian Art in San Diego Museum of Art – Jan 2018. She has published an article in the peer-reviewed International Journal for Indian Studies, NIDAN, Vol 2, No. 2, Dec. 2017 on  ‘ Image and Word in the Works of Rabindranath Tagore’ She is holding an International Conference, in Bengaluru, India on The Growth and Development of Indian Culture: Historical and Literary Perspectives (From Pre-historic Times to 12th C. CE)  June 29- July 1, 2018.

Ryan Ashley Caldwell – Associate Professor of Sociology

Ryan Ashley Caldwell and Juan Manuel Garcia were married on December 4th in Orange County.  They live together with their three-legged Great Dane, tiny loud dog Jack, and "the twins"--all combined to make a family. Juan is from Mexico City and she is currently teaching Ryan both Spanish and the art of love.

George Busenberg – Associate Professor of Environmental Management & Policy

George Busenberg is now serving as an Associate Editor of the Journal of Environmental Studies and Sciences.  The Journal of Environmental Studies and Sciences is the official publication of the Association for Environmental Studies and Sciences, and is published internationally by Springer.