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Ted Lowe  Associate Professor of Anthropology

Prof. Ted Lowe was invited to give a presentation of his new article, "Configuring Epidemic Suicide in Oceania" at the Department of Global Health and Social Medicine in the Harvard School of Medicine on September 28, 2018.  In this new article, Prof. Lowe argues that recent developments in the anthropology of suicide adds an important additional perspective to those traditionally given in psychology, psychiatry, and sociology. To support his argument about the value of an anthropological perspective, he presented a summary of his own ethnographic and comparative work on the late 20th century suicide epidemics in the islands on Micronesia, Samoa, and elsewhere in the region.  

 Dongyoun Hwang  Professor of Asian Studies

Professor Dongyoun Hwang gave a talk at the symposium on "Migrant Voices Between Korea and China: Politics, Literature, and Translation in Kim San's Song of Arirang and Chen Unyeong'sFarewell, Circus," held at the University of Southern California on September 7, 2018, in celebration of the publications of the books from Kaya Press at USC, including a revised and expanded edition of Song of Arirang: The Life of a Korean Rebel in Revolutionary China, which Professor Hwang co-edited. His talk at the symposium was titled "Kim San's Revolutionary Life from Regional Perspective." Korea Times at Los Angeles reported about this symposium along with its reporter's interview with Professor Hwang and others) on September 5, 2018 (

Robert Elliott Allinson ​ Professor of Philosophy

Robert Elliott Allinson, was unanimously elected Chairman of the Board of Directors and President, The International Society for Universal Dialogue, a scholarly philosophy society of over  400 international members, founded in 1989, sponsored by the Polish Academy of Sciences, Warsaw, Poland. He was elected Official Delegate and Liaison to the International Federation of Philosophical Societies (FISP), the highest non-governmental association for over 200 global societies of Philosophy, established in 1948. FISP contributes to the impact of philosophical knowledge on international, global problems. FISP is a member of the International Council for Philosophy and Human Sciences. It constitutes a link with UNESCO. His paper, 'The Human and the Transhuman: Intercultural Dialogue between Buber and Zhuangzi,' was in the Intercultural Section at the 17th World Congress of Philosophy, Beijing, China with over 6,000 philosophy presentations. The President of FISP was selected to moderate Professor Allinson's session.



Michael Golden  Professor of Music Composition & Theory​

Viktor Kristenson (2020), a composition student of Prof. Michael Golden, won a competition sponsored by Dance Music Initiative for his creative remix of "Shape of Water" this past May. Viktor's music will be released on an album put out by the DMI.  Prof. Golden,meanwhile, presented a paper entitled, "Musicking as Emergent Ecological Behavior: Linking Cognition, Culture and Neuroscience" at the International Conference on Music Perception and Cognition (ICMPC) in July. The conference proceedings are available at The conference was held in "semi-virtual" format, taking place simultaneously at four hubs around the world (Montreal, La Plata, Graz, and Sydney). This format allowed for many participants who might not otherwise have been able to travel long distances to take part, and reduced the carbon footprint of the event by an estimated 70%.