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Robert Allinson – Professor of Philosophy

Robert Elliott Allinson published a single-authored, double-blind refereed article, 'Mao's Contributions to Marxism and Dialectical Materialism,' in the Special Edition, 'Karl Marx on the Occasion of the Bicentenary of his Birth,  Dialogue & Universalism, Vol. XXVIII,  3, 2018, pp. 201-233, Institute of Philosophy of the Polish Academy of Sciences, Warsaw. Professor Allinson investigates whether Mao's thought is derivative from Marxism, a deviation from Marxism, or a development of Marxism, the relationship of Mao to Hegel, Marx, Engels, Soviet sources, Chinese philosophy, the Yijing, the complementarity of opposites, principal and non-principal aspects of the contradiction, and the reduction of all laws of dialectic to one law. He presented a paper on Mao at the Western Conference of the Association for Asian Studies, 56th Annual Meeting, Soka University of America, October 20, 2018 and Chaired Panel 18, 'China: Representation & Thought Across Time.' 

Shane Barter – Associate Professor of Comparative Politics

Dr. Shane Barter (International Studies) attended the Association for Asian Studies (AAS) meeting in Denver, 21-24 March.  He presented a new paper on "Aceh in Southeast Asia", part of a panel on the Edges of Southeast Asia, sponsored by the Journal of Southeast Asian Studies.

Junyi Liu –  Assistant Professor of Economics

Junyi Liu presented his collaborated work titled "bureaucratic personnel system and regional economic growth synchronization: an empirical study in China" at the Western Economic Association 15th International Conference, Tokyo, Japan, March 21-24, 2019, held by Keio University; and the paper is currently revised and resubmitted to China Economic Review.

In addition, another collaborated work titled "a systematic review of food pantry-based interventions in the U.S " (Joint with Ruopeng An, et al.) was just accepted by another peer-review journal, Public Health Nutrition.

Tomoko Takahashi – VP Institutional Research & Assessment, Dean of the Graduate School, and Professor of Linguistics & Education

Dr. Tomoko Takahashi's article entitled "Why Self-translate? – An Autobiographical Author-translator's Perspective" was published in Perspectives: Studies in Translation Theory and Practice (article doi: 10.1080/0907676X.2019.1583257).

Another article by Dr. Takahashi, entitled "Autobiographical Self-translation – Translator as the Author, Narrator, and Protagonist," was published in The Translator (article doi: 10.1080/13556509.2019.1588932).

Nalini Rao – Associate Professor of World Art

Nalini Rao presented  a paper on 'Sakta Tantra in Material Visual Culture' in the International Conference organized by South Asian Studies  Association at Claremont and chaired the session on Hindu and Buddhist Goddesses. She has been invited to present her research findings on the 'Buddhist Sangha and Royal Patronage at Kanaganahalli: Recent Excavations in South India', in the Conference on Expressions of the Dharma: Buddhist Art & Culture in Everyday Life organized by Hsi Lai Temple and University of the West in California. 

Tetsushi Ogata – Visiting Assistant Professor of Peace and Conflict Studies
Prof. Tetsushi Ogata facilitated a week-long interactive conflict resolution workshop of Strait Talk Berkeley on March 18-22, which took place on the UC Berkeley campus with 13 delegates from Mainland China, Taiwan, and the US to discuss cross-strait relations between China and Taiwan. Two SUA students joined the workshop as the delegates: Rebecca Bennett (Class of 2021) as a US delegate and Kevin Chen (Class of 2022) as a Mainland Chinese delegate. Prof. Ogata also participated in the International Studies Association conference in Toronto, Canada, on March 27. He presented his paper on Japanese denialist discourses of the comfort women issue and served as a discussant to one of the panels that focused on African-led efforts in preventive diplomacy and conflict resolution.